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Shannon, a healer arrested for a crime she claims was purely an accident (It doesn’t count as stealing if no one was properly guarding it! How was she even supposed to know it was important?) is forced, under Corvlian Law, to pay for her crimes in the form of service.

Together with her overseer, Ethan, they take on missions that the army is ill-equipped to deal with: wanted pirates, sea monsters, lovesickness, outrageous old women, lonely demons, plotters, spoiled princesses, annoying royalty, entitled nobles and much more!

Join Shannon, Ethan and the colourful and quirky cast of the people of Corvelia as they set to help you or make your life difficult (to be fair, it’s mostly the latter).

-Demo includes around half an hour of gameplay.
-Conditional Turn Battle System (CTB)
-Mainly humorous storyline focused on quirky characters.
-The game is part of the Arum universe and takes place entirely in the kingdom of Corvelia.

The game started as a silly project meant to be finished in three days, but soon grew too large and became a 7 (and something) day demo.
We decided to cut it now so we could focus on our main project, but after that is done we will come back and finish this game. Production should (hopefully) resume around April.

As always, feedback is very welcome, appreciated, and loved! Please tell us what you liked and what you think needs fixing!

Latest Blog

Demo out!

Hallo ladies and gents, here we are with another friggin game out of control OTL

Long story short, a discussion about silly plots quickly deviated into actual development, and what was planned as a short 3 day game quickly stretched into a 7 day demo, and finally capped out at 10 days or so (woot, triple the time for a quarter of the content).

So! We hope you enjoy In Search of Freedom! The demo isn't very long. We'll be back to production when our main project is done and out (hopefully around april).

As always, feedback is appreciated and treasured ;A;



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I finished the demo and I gotta say, I love the first half! The second one though...
The gameplay was awesome, I really liked battle mechanics. The first boss works perfectly as a way to show how creative and strategic the battles can get. Every character having a different way to learn skills keeps things interesting too! All in all, one of the most fun and promising demos I've played in a while.

Aww thank you. This was the first project where I managed to have different skill systems for each character which is something I always enjoy doing.

...That's until Beatrice joins the party. I don't remember where I read it, but if I recall correctly, after that point, the rest of the demo was rushed to meet the deadline for the event, and boy, it really feels like that.

We only spent 2 days between us on adding that new area to the demo, I also spent sometime fixing a small number of bugs from the original demo and did a little bit of rebalancing, which took up too much time in hindsight.

A lot of the rest of your post is effectively a bug list, which I have made a start on, I'd like to say that the demo will be fixed within a couple of weaks but I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life at the moment.
She was also kind of buggy though. I never fully understood how Beatrice learns new skills because unlike the other characters, she didn't had a tutorial explaining how. She had Mysticism, which made some messages appear on the screen, so I assumed that I only needed to use it a few times in every possible terrain.

This is effectively her skill system, I was going to have Mysticism only be usable once per battle that I didn't have time.

Anyway I'm glad you liked the first half and hopefully it won't be too long before I've finished fixing the second half.
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