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The day the Iffermoon crashed, the world changed forever.

Your name is Silence, a young creature of unknown origin who finds himself in the Kingdom of Dinost, an ancient land filled with life and mystery. The inhabitants there have been at war with a creature called Cosmose since the day he emerged from a mechanical menace called the Iffermoon. The Iffermoon's origins are shrouded in controversy, but it's said that it once brought life to the planet. After the crash however, that all changed. Now all life in Dinost is in danger of not just being destroyed, but being reprogrammed.


The world of Iffermoon spans several areas, each accessible in different ways. You'll get to most places by walking. But you'll also be using balloons, pipes, mirrors, elevators, and other strange methods of transportation to get where you're going. Along the way you'll find many characters who are willing to join your group. After you find a new character, you will receive that characters Ifferstone.

An Ifferstone is a trinket which bears the mark of a certain character in Dinost. By possessing a characters Ifferstone, they become a summonable character in battle as long as you have earned favor with them. There are many Ifferstones that you can collect from castle dwellers, most of them by simply talking to them. Once you have a characters Ifferstone, you can start leveling them up and learning new commands for them immediatley. However, they won't be playable characters until they reach 10,000 favor points.

Earning favor: Fethus and Dinandus will join your group with full favor, meaning that they will immediatly join you in battle when you need them. Other characters will require certain tasks of you first, which range from collecting items to defeating certain enemies. A character will not be active in battle until they have 10,000 favor points.You can view each character's favor meters in the player options menu. Some characters will be easier to please than others.

Collecting: There will be several occasions when earning favor with a character means collecting certain things. To collect something, simply stand over an object and press "down". Your character will kneel down and pick the object up.

The Menu:

While exploring the world of Iffermoon, you can press "tab" to view your party options. Here you can use the iffer you've collected to level-up your characters. You can also change the order of your characters and change their signs.

The iffer you've collected can be used to strengthen your characters. To select a character, simply click on their icon in the bottom tray. Now, depending on what level that character is and how much iffer you have, you can teach them new abilities. There are five types of commands, each with seven ranks of commands. Each time you level up and character, it will take more iffer to level them up again.

You will also notice that there are "grey ranks" below the seven ranks of each command type. This is because some characters will be more prone to learning certain types of commands. For instance, if a certain character has zero ranks of a certain type, that means you will have to level up their command chain through the four grey ranks first before they can actually start learning more commands. You only learn a new ability for each color rank you progress. Many characters start with some or all of their grey ranks filled for certain command types.

To learn a new command rank, just click the glowing green orb under the command column you wish to progress. The green orb will only appear if you meet the requirments to level up.

NOTE: You can level up any character that you have collected an ifferstone for, even if that player is not yet available in battle. Characters are not playable until their favor has reached 10,000. As long as they appear in your character list however, you can still level them up if you wish.

For each level-up a character gets (even if it's a grey rank) that characters stats will improve. Their maximum life, strength, speed and defense will all increase. Certain characters will already have stat boosts in certain areas.

To change the order of your characters (the order they will appear in battle), click the character icon you wish to move, then click the small yellow arrows beside the character icon row. This will shuffle a certain character forward or backward in the row. This is important because ALL of your characters will have a chance in each battle before you lose the fight. If one character dies, the next in line takes their place until you have none left.

While in the menu, you can also change each characters sign. Signs are instant commands that can be used once per character per battle. To change a characters sign, click the arrows on the sign panel after you've selected a certain character. You start the game with three signs to choose from, although there are seventeen more you can learn later.

While on the menu screen, you can also view and increase specialty stats by clicking the arrow beside the "done" button. Here you can spend your purple coins to increase a variety of specialty stats.

The specialty stats include:

Drain Boost- Increases damage inflicted by your drain effect.
Regeneration- Refills some hp every five seconds.
Healing Effectiveness- Causes all healing commands to restore more life.
Realm Enhancement- Realm damage bonuses are increased.
Bomb Auto-charge- Your 60-bomb's will generate extra gain every 5 seconds.
Tazer Tech- Your tazerpods cause more damage.
Immunity- Begin the battle with a certain amount of time immune to all status ailments.
Dodge- Gives you a chance to avoid taking damage from a hit.


There are four types of coins that you can collect, all of which are useful in different ways.

Red coins- Find these while exploring. Collect 100 red coins to give your party 2 extra hp.

Blue coins- Find these while exploring. Collect 100 blue coins to increase your party's defense by 1.

Purple coins- Earn these from battles. Use these to increase your speciality stats. While in your "party options" menu, click the arrow beside the "done" button to view your specialty stats. It takes five purple coins to increase a specialty stat.

Yellow Coins (tokens)- These are game tokens that can be used in arcade machines. These can be found on the ground, just kneel down and pick them up!


Engaging in battle is mostly a voluntary affair. Enemies can be seen in the area with you before you engage them in battle. In some cases they are harder to avoid than others. Engaging an enemy in battle will launch a battle screen where the first four characters in your character order will appear and begin to fight the enemy.

While in battle, there will be two types of combat happening at once. First there is physical combat, as your party spars with the enemy exchanging hits. Second there is command combat, where you charge energy to use special attacks from each characters menus.

Physical combat:

You party attacks at will in this fashion, influenced only by their attacking distance and their attack rate which you can control. There are three attack stances that each character can take. You can change a characters stance by clicking their tab on the lefthand side, then choosing from "BATT", MID", or "DEF". MID stance is the default stance for your characters at the start of each battle.


BATT stance is a close combat stance. You will inflict 100% damage and receive 100% damage in this stance.

MID stance will decrease your damage taken by 50% and decrease physical damage inflicted by 50%.

DEF stance will reduce the physical damage you inflict by 75%, and the damage you take by 50%, but also puts you out of reach of physical attacks.

Command combat:

As your party engages in constant physical combat, they will also be charging for special attacks and commands. To access a characters command menu, click their tab on the left hand side. This will call up their command menu where you can change their battle stance and pick from any commands they've learned.

Special attacks: Each character also has a unique attack command that they can use once per battle when they have full charge. When a character is at full charge, their special attack will appear as a large red button in their commands window.

Here are some of the special attacks you'll see:

Starlight: Double damage for a short time.
Stonefoot: Petrifies an enemy for a while.
Energize: Charge meters gain 1 point every second for a short time.
Rampage: Characters gain super strength for physical attacks for a short time.
2nd Wind: Your party gets stat boosts of almost every type for ten seconds!
Blueshroom: Inflicts a "blue" curse, causing 100 damage to enemies for each turn they take.
Thornbush: Sets thorn traps, each of which stuns the enemy for a few seconds.
Ocean Fury: Good damage plus maximum "slow" inflicted.
King's Cloak: Blinds enemy for a long time.
Missile-1: Powerful missile attack.

In battle, each character will have three meters on their character tab:

The red bar is their life. Once a characters life is gone, that character will be replaced by the next character in line. You can change the battle order of your characters in the party options menu. When your last character dies and you have none left to replace them, it's game over!

The green bar is a character's charge point meter. The amount of charge points a character has determines the level of attack a character can use. There are seven degrees of any kind of attack. You would have to have seven charge points to use the rank seven attack, six charge points for the rank six attack, etc.

The yellow bar is the characters speed meter. Each time this bar fills once, the character gets one point in their green bar, the charge point meter. Using commands like "Warp 1" or "Warp 10" will increase the speed of this bar, which in turn will fill a characters charge points more rapidly.

Certain status ailments can affect how these meters behave. Here are some of the status ailments that enemies can inflict on you:

Drain- Your party takes damage every 2 seconds. Can be cured with Healwind.
Slow- Your party's speed meters slow down. Can be cured with Nullify.
Stop- Your party's speed meters stop filling. Can be cured with Nullify.
Stun- Your party's charge bars are limited to four charges instead of seven. Can be prevented with Nullify, but not cured with it, as Nullify is a rank 5 command.
Blind- Your party is unable to use physical attacks. Can be cured with Healwind.

Signs: Each character will also have a sign command at the start of battle, or as soon as a new character becomes available. (You can set each characters sign from the player options menu.) Unlike standard battle commands, sign commands cost no charge points and happen the instant you click them. Each character can use their sign once per battle. The sign button will appear as a glowing red orb next to the character tab for each character. Click the orb to use the sign.

You can aquire more signs by playing Stellar Gun at the arcade machine on the lower floor in Starnest. You'll have to find some game tokens before you can play. The rules in Stellargun are simple: Use the arrow keys to control a small spaceship and use Z to shoot. Collect powerups for your ship. Each time you get hit, all of your weapons are downgraded by 1. When you take a hit with zero powerups left to take, it's game over. There are seventeen levels in all, which means there are seventeen additional signs that can be learned in addition to the three you start with.

Other arcade games:

Taboli RPG:

There is also another arcade game that you can spend your tokens on, Taboli RPG. This game is the most expensive game to play, costing 4 tokens. This is an rpg within an rpg. You can travel the world map, encounter monsters, level up, and use items. Your character level is also saved for the next time you play. Find treasure chests for a chance to find items that can help you in the "real" game.

Brown chests have a 1/1000 chance of big treasure.
Green chests have a 1/500 chance of big treasure.
Blue chests have a 1/200 chance of big treasure.
Purple chests have a 1/100 chance of big treasure.
White chests have a 1/20 chance of big treasure.

Joob's Creek:

This game is simple. You control Joob as he floats down the creek. Collect purple coins and try to avoid the obstacles! If you can make it to the end of the creek, your coin count will be doubled! After the game is over, you can use these coins to powerup your specialty stats.

NOTE: This game was actually made in Multimedia Fusion 2, but that wasn't an option. I hope it's accepted anyway.

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wow, this game sounds good. I'm downloading this now.
I didn't know gamemaker was capable of creating a game anything like this. Good job!
Well I actually made the game in Multimedia Fusion 2, but that wasn't an option to choose from. I mention that at the bottom of my game description. Do not many people around here use those programs? Or are they (gulp) not allowed for some reason?
RMN sex symbol
Haha nah not many people use Multi Media Fusion around here. But yes it's aloud. I think LWG was confused with the Game Maker Icon on the side is all. This looks and sounds absolutely amazing. I mean this looks to have had a lot of effort put into it. I congratulate you on finishing this beautiful looking game and hope to enjoy it soon.
Looks great! I would get it right now if I didn't have ridiculously slow dial-up internet. How long did it take to make?
I've been working on it for about a year and a half I guess.
Far out! Man! The screenshots make this game unbielavable! Did you make these screenshots by yourself? There's so much detail! Good stuff, animdude!
Man 220Mb! This must be a really good game.
@LWG- Game maker is capable of making any game you want. You just have to know what your doing.
graphics appear very futuristic, yet awesome..
This game is awesome! The long download is worth it. I should go and finish the other sixteen levels of the Stellar Gun arcade game to get the rest of the signs... Hallowmare is annoying. I got him down to like, half health, but he killed all my party then. (I think I forgot to level up King Doof)
Why is it that in Stellargun, when you get hit, ALL weapons get a level-down?
It would give you too many hits otherwise. With everything powered up, you can take about seven or eight hits. If each weapon got downgraded individually, it would take 30-40 hits. :P
Is it giving you a hard time? What level did you make it to?
God this looks amazing and I will play it this week. However man you should probably make a thread in the forums too:

Ohh I see, Hold my hands up, I didn't actually read all that text. Congratz on getting featured on the homepage! I haven't got round to trying this just yet, but I will xD
Holy, one hell of a Game Maker game. Good job. I'm downloading now.
I've been steadily improving the graphics and uploading new versions. The black outlines around characters and objects were bothering me so I've been working to get rid of most of those. Just wanted to mention that in case the outlines were bothering anyone.
So I totally beat this game. It was really fun, even in spite of the 20 second loading times. My only complaints are that Stellargun is really hard (your ship basically just sucks without powerups...) and that I need some sort of help file to find out where to get the last two characters and where to find the extra content. Also it would have been cool if after beating Taboli RPG that three of the white chests didn't contain Speedsauce x2 and the other one a Medleaf.

But yeah this was fun all the way through and I liked the battle system, and I'm going to keep playing to see if I can find the extras.
Jabbo, the white chests have a 1/20 chance of dropping a super weapon. :) There are several more white chests in the secret treasure room. ;) Look for the "almost" invisible path in the last area.

As for the last two characters- They can be found by talking with certain other characters once you've filled THEIR favor meters.
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