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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic RPG
Status: Production Phase 1: 20%
Platform: RM2k3
Download: Non at the Moment.

The Story

"In the year 2061, man kind has reached its pentacle in history. In the past 53 years, humanity has evolved, baring knowledge, innovation, and progression. Overcoming War, Disease, Famine, mankind has reached its pentacle, or...at least we predicted."

April 19, 2051
Ten Years Ago

New Reporter: "All sources confirm that The Pope is in safe keeping, however this brutal attack on The Vatican has left a grueling body count of 56 Civilians, and 15 Exorcists. No sources have confirmed the attacker, however it is.."

BBC Correspondent: "It is believed that The center of The Holy Roman Empire was attacked by Turkish Rebels, as of now The Pope has yet to issues a statement, for now we must.."

President of Israel: "We must stand together at this time of grief, our Order will consul the losses of all those who were slaughtered on this day..."

Extremist: "This day which God has written, written and told of, the end of our lives, we humans will fall prey to The Akuma....we shall all meet our.."

Forge Executive: "Maker of the Vaccine was killed in the incident, for now...we will Consul Master Ellowsworth, and hand over FORGE to him, as instructed in his Father's..

The Pope: "Will to overcome, Will to conquer, we shall, we will, survive!"

President of Israel: "Survive this virus, we will conquer it, and we will defeat our enemies...as The Lord as ordered..."

What Is An Akuma?

Akuma are enemies that you fight, human/animal infected with a rogue DNA Strain in the Vaccine for Cancer. Over the course of a two year period 30% of the planet's human population died. Over 15% were infected. The infection mutated the Human body, degenerating it into a physically deformed, primal, aggressive state, with a painful sensitivity to UV radiation. As a side effect of the virus' consumption of its host, specifically its digestion of the host's frontal lobes, all hosts suffer from greatly increased aggression. The virus also damages the hypothalamus, which results in a flood of neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones which induce a psychopathic rage and hunger in the host. The Virus has been dubbed as the Y-Virus.

April 19, 2055

In this future, the world has been encompassed in a deadly airborne disease. The Y-Virus has killed off 40% of the World's total population. Humanity is on the brink of destruction...however The Great Lord, has bestowed humanity with the Gift of Light, a new Messiah to conquer over evil, in the form of Idols. Those who possess these Idols, those who can eliminate evil, The Idol Tuners, will strive against the plague, will save the world....these are The Exorcists, and they will purify the land of chaos.

What is the Last Bible

The Last Bible is a Single Player Traditional RPG set in the distant Future, 2061. In this future humanity is plagued with a deadly degenerative virus, a result of a mutation in a vaccine. The Y-Virus mutates the human body, and acts as a Parasite, creating a living species within a living body. In the year, 2012 the virus killed off 40% of the Worlds Population, this was truly The End of The World. In the present, humanity has endured and survived past Armageddon due to the light of the Old World, these Idols are precious tools, which possess the ability to ward off and purify those possessing the Y-Virus. The game is heavily influenced by Religious References, as well as a return of Power to the Cross, such as seen in Medieval Times. In this future, Six Nations rule the World and Imperialism persists in many areas. The Nations of Ignatii (The New Roman Republic), Israel, The United States of Japan, Britannia, Russia and the Federal Republic of China rule the World of Last Bible, many locations still persist from our era, such as New York City, and many of the bigger US States, however the Majority of the game takes place in Europe. Welcome to The Last Bible. The Story of The Last Bible revolves around the lives of 8-11 Characters, presenting each Character in 1 of the games 30 Chapters. Each Chapter begins with a new Character's perspective, and once completed you will move on to a new Chapter from the eyes of another. The game begins with an overview of the Lives of 4 Soldiers: Jonas Halse a 21 year old Soldier from Area 62, formerly known as Australia, Jonas is a happy go lucky guy who seems carefree about any mission assigned to him, though his outside appearance is that of a clown, he truly is a dangerous child. Jonas is listed as Property of Britannia, rather than a citizen. As the story unfolds such information will be revealed about Jonas' position in the Army as of current he claims to be an "Assassin commissioned by the Military". Ashley Lacure, a 21 year old Euro-Japanese Soldier who joined the Army of Britannia six years prior to the games current arc as a result of "The Draft" of 2056?. It is believed he is treated differently than most Soldiers, due to his brother High Position in the Navy. Alexander Ellowsworth, The last living member of the Ellowsworth Family and current owner of the FORGE Cooperation, The Creators of the Environmental Bio-Domes which the Nations of the World reside in. Apart from his financial status, Alexander is listed as a "Priest", and is merely assigned to the mission in order to "mediate". He is rude, handsome, and claims to be a genius. More information is revealed about Alexander as Player plays the game through his eyes. And lastly Gregory Truman, a 30 year old Engineer who is currently stationed in Russia. Unlike the other 3 Character Gregory is the oldest, and views himself as "The Wisest" among the 4. He also possesses much information about Missions, as well as the Current Status of the World. When asked if he had ever killed a man, Gregory relies, "Not with my hands, but with tools I have made", alluding to his rule as an Engineer for the Squad. These 4 Characters are introduced initially and events and choices made by the Player will affect the outcome of specific Chapters.

What is an IDOL

What are the Idols? Though they do not consume Last Bibles Story entirely the Idols are tools which can "Purify" the mutation caused by the Y-Virus, but not "Reverse" the effects. For the majority of the games introduction it is not stated what the Idols truly are, however it is stated by "The Order" that they are tools "The Lord" used to purify the World of Chaos. The term IDOL stands for Intelligent Data Operating Logic. Idols are merely tools which have been "reforged" to serve humanity; within each Idol is a special Toxin, dubbed "Vita" which damages the Y-Cells attributed to the Virus. When the link between an Idol Tuner and an Idol is formed through Blood (Called Synchronization) an Idol is able to release V-Toxins at a percentage capacity, if the Synchronization is perfect, 100% the Idol functions at 100% of it potential expelling the Toxins which are hazardous to the Akuma at 100% Efficiency. Each Idol possesses a various substance make up, containing a variety of codes and algorithms, which can only be read and accessed by a "Tinkerer" or an "Idol Tuner". It is also believed that Idol's possess "Souls". In The Last Bible, "Souls" are viewed as non living but existent pieces of Memory which are drawn to the Apathy Toxins and engraved within the Codes of Idols.

What is an Idol Tuner

One blessed with "Divine Blood". An Idol Tuner is one whom is able to Synchronize with an Idol, allowing the tool to take from the flesh, in order to form a Spiritual and Mental link between a user and the Idol. Idol Tuners represent .3% of the World's Total Population. It is believed that their DNA is coded with the secrets of the Idols, which allows them to communicate with the "Soul" of an Idol. In the common day, many Idol Tuners are members of the prestigious "Order of Exorcist" a Guild Established by the late Pope Ignatius X as a final act to protect "God's Children".

The Feature

Active Time System: Day/Night/Morning/Evening/Noon. Time will change, and add new elements and events to game play.

FORGE Battle System: What a corny name right, well its fit in with the game. Basically the DBS, with my Revamps. Day/Night will affect Battle Conditions, and rather than relying on a number of Combat Skills to defeat enemies, Players use various Tactics, such as Reversals to Counter attacks, as well as use the environment to defeat their enemies. Only 3 Enemies will be present in Battle at a Time, the rest of the Enemy Party will serve as Objects, Players can Select and use in Battle. In Terms of the Day/Night Effects, Players receive Penalties and Rewards for Combat Selections during the Day and Night, at Night, Range/Melee Attacks lose Accuracy, while during the day these Actions receive Damage and Accuracy Boosts. Enemies are either Nocturnal or not, if Nocturnal they are stronger in Dark Areas and at Night, while if they are not, they fight better during the Day. This system causes Players to by Tech Mods that will modify their senses, as well as learn Tactics which will benefit then depending on the Terrain and TOD. Battles will be fast paced, and every action is deadly. Meaning Player's possess low Health/Stamina/Energy and must think about all the choices they make.

A Book: The game plays like a Manga, everything is presented in Chapters and Episodes, and heavy dialog as well as action is played out by the Player.

Realistic Characters: Every Character is realistic, having flaws, weaknesses, and personalities. These Personalities will aid Combat as well as Events. Perhaps if a Character possesses High Leadership Abilities, you will be able to command allies in battle, however with low Abilities, your allies may do as they please.

Enemy AI: Every Enemy has AI, and will act according to it.

Latest Blog

Back to Work!

Its been a while since I have updated with anything substantial. However today I have resolved to give any subscribers a little heads up on The Last Bible.

Production will be slowed down a bit because of School, but I am happy to report the Battle System is 100% Complete and tested for glitches. Mapping and Resource creation however has been the biggest pain for me, mainly because the resources I am using only have 4 Uniform Tilesets, all the others have been heavily edited or made from scratch. Because I am using the "Future 1-4" Sprites I have been Editing existing Sprites, and making then appear in the Future Style. This process has pretty much been a bitch, but I love how the game looks so far.

In terms of Production The Last Bible Part 1 will consist of 15 Chapters, clocking in nearly 3 Hours each Chapter. Right now I am filling in some small gaps, for Chapters 1 and 3, but I am currently starting Chapter 4.

As we speak I am working and will get a more thought out update for you all, I am just busy with school.
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  • 07/02/2008 11:40 AM
  • 05/18/2019 01:14 AM
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Please provide more screenshots and download link.
Also story leans more toward fantasy and sounds too
dumb for real world..
From what i've read it sounds alright. I look forward to playing this when you release a download.
The story sounds cool, don't see many stories set in the real world, past, present or future. The extras are great ideas too. Good luck with it.
Still hard to imagine religion shaping mankind's future.
Reasonable prospects of the future does not have to resort
to the crap at the end of some science fiction movies.
Still no hints of any downloads available..
Looks like a space game from the screenshots but I have no idea what it is about 'cause I can't be stuffed reading the description of the game. Anyway, good work on the battle background and chipsets.
@Terabyte: I added some more useful Information to aid you. Sorry for not being 100% Clear initially, but I have clarified a bit of useful information, if more is needed I will provide it.

@Davenport: Who knows what the future truly holds, in this future many attribute Religion to "Second Rebirth". The game begins from the eyes of Britainian and Roman Soldiers, so I want to portray their views, with Britainia and Ignatii under the rule of The Cross. This Government System is in some ways similar to our current one. The Pope is currently the Leader of Ignatii, however his actions a countered by a Checks and Balance System. But If you think about it Religion has shaped almost every aspect of our Society, everything from Wars, Laws, Holidays, religion if incooperated into our present culture, The Last Bible just pushes it to the Extreme.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you may want to consider having someone proofread the game dialogue. Your grammar is very poor, and that is a major turn-off to many gamers. The only real exceptions to this are bad translations from Asian languages. (e.g. "All your base are belong to us!")
:( All comments are welcome, I didn't think my Grammar was that bad. ? Anyways I read through it again and changed the errors many of the Scripts I have written for the game have been edited before added into the Maker, so thanks for the concern.
graphics don't seem very impressive either.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I absolutely love how this sound, it's a modern tale and not to futuristic exaggerated.
The only thing I would comment on is the Y-Virus seems a little bit to close to the Resident Evil series for my taste. But I liked how you use real television broadcaster such as BBC and such.
@NMN: Thank you man. I have alot to work on and finish, but I am reworking the Y-Virus. Its hard to explain, but Akuma have 5 Levels: A, B, C, D, and E. Level E is when the Infection has completely taken over the Mind and Body, basically a walking corpses. The higher the Level the more the body has integrated with the Virus. Rather than rejecting it, the body has become a shell for the virus. The Virus will then develop and form a symbiotic bond creating an Akuma. This creature is the embodiment of the Virus and feeds off the human body. Level C Akuma are able to use the Human Body as a "Skin". Allowing them to appear human as well as maintain the Human's memories and Personality. However when an Akuma becomes Hungry at the Level-C stage they crave for flesh to keep their bodies moving. Basically with every Level the Virus begins to contain, and integrate with the body. I hope this departs from the whole Resident Evil T-Virus a bit, but this is the best I can explain it without revealing too much.
Wow, this game sounds great. Good job posting so much info, it's nice to see that people actually care about their game :).
I love modern/futuristic-ish type games, I wish there were a lot more of them, though. I'll be on the lookout for this.
The Akuma thingie (plus name!) reminds me of something...

Ku ku. ha ha. It might not be that, but I just think of 'em every time I hear the name. =O

Anyway, why is this rated a TWO!? I mean c'mon, it's definitly rated higher than that on my scale! (even from the screenshots alone!) So here, I'll give it a boost.

Anyway, everything looks good. I'll try and keep an eye out for this. You don't see too many futuristic-type games these days!

I wish you the best of luck with it!
You caught me my friend, initially I wanted to work on a fan-manga, but then I obtained new ideas which spurned into this. Since you know as I do, I would like you to hear a bit of the story and such and tell me how much of a deviation is present. :P
I like the fact u incorporated the bible, and god ,like that u mention Israel also. Good luck man, I will give this one a try!
I can't wait to play this. I hope that you are working hard on it!

I might have a few resources from an old project that are similar (if not exactly the same) in style. If you are interested pm me.
I hate to rip on such a popular game, but it feels like a HUGE rip off of 'I Am Legend'. I mean, virus turns people into zombies that eat off the rest of the world...but maybe that's just me.
My game is not even the least bit popular but if you say I ripped I Am Legend, the Resident Evil ripped I Am Legend, and I Am Legend ripped the basic set up of Zombies. Its a topic that has been used and recycled over and over again, with The Last Bible I am creating my own Religiously fueled idea. While the premise of such a virus has been used in the past, what goes to say that the game is solely based on this? Don't make accusations before you understand or even play the game.
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