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Part of the RPG Maker Classics Archive: an initiative to upload classic RM games so they are not forgotten.

Developed by: Delita Hyral X
Date of Release: 2002, 2007

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is a science fiction fantasy takes you on a journey through the universe. It is regarded as one of the few Final Fantasy games that was any good and focussed instead on being true to the feel of the Final Fantasy series instead of following on the coat-tails of any of the other games. It followed the story of a young man as he quests through the universe, looking for a place to belong. With an enigmatic cast of interesting characters, the game was well-received by most people - both fans of the title series and those not.

FF: EN was made in RM2K and focuses on making a fangame that has the spirit of the series without treading on the story of already established game worlds. In fact, that is one of the greatest points about the game - that it creates the feel of a Final Fantasy game without having to use the story and characters of other Final Fantasy games before it. The game carries itself as separate, yet linked, to the Final Fantasy series and does so well. The characters are interesting, as is the plot.

The graphics are a hodge-podge of rips, RTP and custom, maps do suffer from the typical large map syndrome, sadly, but as was usual of the era in which it was made, most attention was focussed on story and systems and this game pulls both off quite well. There are a few different kind of custom systems in play and any player will find something interesting to take away from the game.

If you can get past the mish-mash of different graphics, you will find one of the best fangames to have come from the community.

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You could try to open this game using EasyRPG.
Nope. Still didn't work. I give up. Apparently, it's not going to work on my laptop.
You can either click yes or no. That's what happens when you try to play old version RM2k/3 games in the legal versions. I suggest clicking no first, seeing if it will play, then reloading and clicking yes and seeing if that works.


Go to the folder the game is in and double click the exe file and play that way. You may need to add the RTP and Harmony.dll to that folder (can be found here and here . You'll need to extract them into the game folder itself. Harmony.dll should be placed in the folder where the exe file is and the RTP should have a bunch of different folders. Just copy/paste them all into the exe folder and tell it NO if it wants to change any files.)

This process needs to be done with most of the older games that were made on the non-legal version of 2k and 2k3.
Finally got the folder extracted and still can't get into the game. I can't seem to upload the image. But it's saying the game was made in another version of RPG Maker that doesn't support placeholders in battlestrings. It says I can migrate it to the current version but some modifications to the engine binary may be lost
Didn't even give me the option to unzip or anything. I'll try again tomorrow.
Weird. It's working just fine for me. Just downloaded it, unzipped the folder then directed 2K to the folder up from the Final Fantasy Nova one and it worked just fine?

Did you unzip it first? (You need winzip/winrar/7zip... one of those free programs to do so)
I downloaded and it said I didn't have the necessary app to open it even though I have RPG Maker 2000. No error. Nothing. I just can't get into the game. Period.
Guardian of the Description Thread
There can be numerous reasons for why it wouldn't open, or otherwise throw an error at your face. I suspect it's most likely that the game needs certain resources from the engine's run-time package to function, but, without more information to go on...

I have RPG Maker 2000 and the game won't even open at all. Such a shame as I've been wanting to try this game for years.
Then the LORD Aremen said unto Zack, "Behold, I will rain gams from Heaven for you; and the people shall go out and play a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My maps, or no." - 3TileRule 4:16, Holy Help File
Dude, it's not the game's fault. You're just going to have this problem again and again if you don't install the RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts.
I got bored sitting through the intro. I wouldn't have skipped it because I actually wanted some backstory before playing, but it would have been nice to have an option to speed it up a bit.

Not that I was able to make much sense of the backstory; the font in the dialogue boxes was both small and blocky, so even at full screen, it was VERY difficult to read. Not only did the letters run together, but the lines of the letters were overlapping gaps.

I'll be deleting this rather than trying to play again, as I have a limited amount of patience for squinting at letters that look almost exactly alike. (Is that one G or S? Is that lower-case A or E?)
good luck everyone playing this game i did get it to work but only for a short time harmony dll is one thing you need right off the bat to get it to load then you need a earth png file image i tried in the amanations area and no such luck i had great success with all other rpg games on here but the final fantasy games give me so much trouble i think the earth png is the main one i need straightned out asside of the missing harmony dll cause it didnt work at the start of the game i got all of the rtp have a good day out there
hi there im new on this site i belong to gamejolt .com ok i had a question i put the harmony dl in and got the game to work up untill the earth file couldnt open so i didnt get very far i love the ff games but let me know if i need a patch or something i got all the rtp pakages but missing something to open earth file ?
Ah, to solve the "can't open file earth" red screen, I believe that the issue is that you are missing the RTP, though there's a bit of an explanation to be given for the confusion. The 1.0 and 1.32 downloads for the RTP that you can find all over the place are two different things, with the latter being a collection of extras...and the former being the main file, which is a broken archive on all of the major sites that are supposed to host both.

Search specifically for the 1.0 RTP and you should find it on the second or third page of results (the Russian site that was there the last time I checked had it).

If this doesn't help, my condolences, but I saw this and was reminded of the "can't open file vehicle" issue that popped up for Iron Gaia players.
Very likely that is a missing file. Where does it happen? I think it might be that you need to take an image file, add it to the Battle Animation folder and name it Earth.
This brings back a lot of memories.

Did that error ever get fixed as stated above?
No I still cant find it I know the error lies in something from the rtp that I'm missing I get this red screen & it says can't find file Earth If someone knows what I may need to download please let me know
This brings back a lot of memories.

Did that error ever get fixed as stated above?
Screenshot the error or just tell us what it says when it crashes Pdr.
the error says cannot open file earth
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