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A young teen of little repute, Sol is perfectly content simply watching TV and playing video games at his leisure. His friends, however, believe that he needs to accomplish something great in his life. And on the morning of his 15th birthday, Sol would quickly find himself on a journey to discover the true meaning of achievement.

This demo was compiled in under two weeks as part of a community game jam. Contains about 15 minutes of gameplay. The completed game will contain 1-2 hours of content.

Both RTP and Non-RTP downloads are available on the download page!

Resource packs used:
Old-School Modern
DS and DS Plus

Scripts used:
CP Pop-ups
Ramiro's Mother 3 Visuals
Jamiras Dragon Quest Menu
Yanfly Text Boxes

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  • 06/14/2014 02:16 AM
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The look of the game reminds me a lot of Mother 3, and the concept sounds pretty interesting. Subscribed.
I enjoy using the Old School Modern graphics pack for that reason. ;)
I've been getting messages about this recently for some reason. The project has been abandoned but thank you all for the interest nonetheless!
Who remixed the Rpg Maker Vx battle theme 1? Because it is freaking awesome!
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