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Have you ever wanted a game that let you chuck things out of windows without impunity? A game that lets you indulge in your dreadful defenestration fetish without remorse? You don't have to wait, now that Out the Window is here! Out the Window was originally made for the IF min-comp ShuffleComp, but is now available on rpgmaker.net!

Features the following features:
  • Bothered by obtuse text adventures? Can't seem to get the hang of that "parser" thing? Out the Window throws out the old "parser" and throws in the brand new "hypertext" everybody has been talking about. It's like a graphic adventure implemented with text!
  • Made with Twine! Playable in any modern browser! (I, uh, wouldn't get too attached to Internet Explorer, though.)
  • Four different objects to chuck, shove, and throw out the window! Each one is the subject of a different scene, which are like mini-adventures in themselves! Kinda.
  • A stunning ending, that will maybe shock at least one dude, maybe!

And so much more! Try Out the Window today!

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Download with source code added for Out the Window

Like Tiny Cave before it, I've submitted a download with the .tws source for Out the Window. Just like last time, you will need a copy of Twine to open the source; you can download Twine from twinery.org.
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  • 06/22/2014 12:13 AM
  • 03/21/2015 12:32 AM
  • 05/13/2014
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Dear god, playing this is so satisfying! Great job on a simple game.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Just played this and it was superb!
I was not expecting to enjoy throwing things out of a window so much. Your writing is excellent.
Thank you! I can be pretty hard on my own writing, so it was nice to hear you say it was excellent.
Pages: 1