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A Comedy Adventure Game,where you must search and solve to
progress in the story.Solve riddles,experience fun dialouges.
Step into Transylvanium and experience Egberts relationship with his
father,Dracula.Experience the dark eerie castle of dracula and overcome
the obstacles.

I will try my luck on the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.
If you like the game please vote and support my game HERE.=)

Feedback is appreciated.
Version 1.7 is the final version of Episode 1.

Egbert is a vampire who is not so pleased with his kind.
He and his companion bat struggles with his father,Dracula.
Join Galvin and Egbert in a funny adventure to stop his madness.

Can Egbert really change his own nature?
Is the madness of Dracula unmendable?

Only one way to find out !

# Interact and look for Items to progress in the area of Transylvanium.

# Encounter funny characters and events.

# Interact with Egberts journal to get to know him and whats happening.

# Game includes 4 possible ENDINGS depending on your choices.

# Use your items to encounter funny events and solutions.

# An engaging Adventure game with no battles.

# About 40-50 minutes of Gameplay.

§ And remember, to have fun! §

Latest Blog

About continuation on Egbert

Ive taken a little break from rpgmaking for a while now.
But I can gladly say that now I will continue working
on the Episode 2. Been doing some work on the beginning
of episode 2 but now I will step up the pace and get the rest
done much faster. Also I plan to combine episode 1 and episode 2
when its complete, to make it a full completed game ( Non episodic ).

If you like my work or are curious on my game Egbert, step
into my Gamepage and take a look once in a while.

*I also plan to remodel my game Arcanium completely or come up with a new
rpg project *

Cya all soon fellow gamers. :)
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 06/25/2014 05:17 AM
  • 12/12/2014 06:23 PM
  • 10/15/2014
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Heya. Got a chance to try out the game for a bit and thought I'd give some feedback about my impressions so far:

I like how you've done the intro. It's very well-designed, pretty, and gives a good amount of the background on the characters. There were, however, a few spelling mistakes in the narration, so it might be worth to double check those. A few that I've managed to take a note of - catched = caught, tought = (I think this was referring to 'thought'), despiced - despised.

I like the outdoors mapping and the general art style of the game. It really fits the whole gothic/vampire setting. Really like the bat sidekick as well. It's nice to have someone like that talking over your shoulder instead of just wandering the maps alone, so kudos on this too.

It's good that you've removed all the unnecessary menu commands. However, it also means the player can never see how much health Egbert has. At first I thought it was unimportant, but then I realised you only get to see it when you want to use healing items. Maybe it's a good idea to stick a health bar somewhere, either in the menu, or even as HUD during general exploration.

Some players might feel it's a bit unfair to lose health by simply touching the flowers. The game never told us beforehand they were poisonous.

I am not sure what the 'items to look for' list is whenever I access the save point, but it feels a tad unnecessary having that come up every time I want to save. Maybe it's better to give a choice instead. Like whenever the player touches the save point to have a choice - Option 1: Save, Option 2: See items to look for.

The sleeping potion was a bit too well hidden. I wasn't sure what to do in that room and ended up having to go around and interact with every square of the map. I think it should be more obvious which parts of environment are interactable and which aren't.

Might be a good idea to put a ladder effect on the ladders (it can be done in the tilesets tab in the database). Just makes it look better when climbing ladders.

Some of the mapping in the catacombs is a bit strange. Like at times some ceiling parts of the walls don't have the vertical wall parts underneath them. Also the first underpass wasn't too clear. I've stumbled on it by accident, but otherwise it looks like a dead end.

I'm kind of stuck in the catacombs now. I've gotten the rope and got past the first door, but can't find a way after that. There's some invisible spider too and when I interacted with it, it gave a time limit. Not sure for what. Besides that I only found 2 chests in that section and nothing else, no doorways and stuff.

Overall the game is not bad so far. It has a nice atmosphere and some aspects like the intro and outdoors mapping are very strong. The game just needs a bit more polish and perhaps to shed more light on the plot, as at the moment it's just escaping the castle without much of a reason. Is Egbert trying to get away for a good reason? Is there someone outside that he wants to meet? And so on.

Hope this feedback helps.
Wow such good criticism! :)
Very good feedback. I agree with many of your points and will make the improvements before the deadline of the contest.

Glad you liked the style of the game,as I've used countless hours in photoshop.=)

Thank you so much for the support.
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ill defiantly my try this,the leads not a female sadly but
its a vampire! so +1 for that! : D
Thanks :) The next episode of Egbert I plan to make it so that you can choose to control different characters in the game...maybe:P
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
sounds fun,tho if theres much change in dialog that would be ALOT of extra scripting :3
you would be tired of seeing the word
"else" by the end of it :3
hehe true that xD but what dont we do to make it like we want it to be...Done so much stuff thats just tiring and boring... but in the end your pleased with the result and you get the game how you want it :)
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ok! finished other games so on too this one!
from 10 minutes of the game(including opening cutscene)
the atmosphere is amazing!
i love the area where you start the game and even given a choice! : D

ok minor complaint/suggestion
the blue flame allows you to save which is fine
but..i would suggest switching the order of those options
as item list being up top can be a tad aggravating if you accidentally double click thus being stuck in that menu for 10+ seconds :3
other then that
its a great start cant w8 for more!


Edit missing words in menu?


I agree with you on the save point I actually didnt think about that. thank you.=)

The inventory problem im not completely sure how to fix,if you have any advice for me on that 1 its gladly received.:)

Are you sure you played the newest version Shayoko ? Because im pretty sure I fixed that passability problem on the final version which is out now with lots of improvements too.

Im so happy you liked the game Shayoko.The atmosphere is very important in a game,so im very pleased you liked that.Making games that pleases the public is very
important to me:) why else would you make games right.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. =)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
pretty sure im playing the final version


Grammar the word Exist is wrong

the spot where you get the fireseed,can walk thru it :3

sorry i wouldn't know how to fix that,i only have a general idea of how to do basic things from 20+ tutorials :3

spots that the...trigger is wrong(like if you walk to a person and its something else close by)

1.gargoyles next to coffins from the sides
2.place where put fire seed from above it

remove the message for the purple fire,that literally only serves to make the player rage stopping them on top of taking life o.o
a red flash is enough!

when you get to the end of the darkfire maze the thign should turn off ALL of them.

Well...im stuck : D theres nothing i can do need walkthru
i have

Ghost skill(where use this?
strange mixture
music box
spider web
Hey =) Thanks again for your feedback ^^ I will fix the grammar issue and I agree with the purple spots... I want the player to see how much Blood they lose but I will make them super short..
Thanks for letting me know about placing the fire seed.Do you get stuck when you try to place it above right ?


After you gotten the ghost skill try to check out draculas journal since he left the castle you know.There is a riddle there to where dracula has his secret room.

After that just progress further.Your almost there:)

I hope you like the game and you continue keeping track of it as episode 2 will come. =)
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ok i have given up

the riddle is useless lol as only 2 spots i see can be what its talking about by the way its worded and both come up with nothing.


so yeah im done lol,i dont want to spend time more time guessing
hopefully someone does a playthru of this for me :3
You actually got it! ;)

The riddle talks about a path behind the glowing trunk.If you walk
to the right right behind that glowing trunk you will walk through the wall and find the secret room.If you dont have the Ghost skill yet it will not work though.

Hope this helps :)
#In the new version out now I made it so its easier to see the secret path.
And also the Bats in draculas throne room says something about it if
you have the strange mixture and play the new version.

I give a big thanks to Shayoko and Matseb 2611 for giving me good advice and bug reports. Thank you so much. :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
yaaaaay can finally continue!
30 seconds later
(the button that turns off a laser did not work!
gonna restart the game : (
i saved over all my slots :3
I dont why that button in the treasure room didnt work.Ive playtested my game several times and it always worked fine...:S

Maybe that save was from an older version or something.Because im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with that button.It works for me ;)

Im glad you are able to continue now Shayoko.^^
I hope you like the ending.

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
speaking of is there multiple endings?
based of what you say to your dad at the start perhaps? :3

glitches with video!(all minor)

explanations in the description :3
At the moment there are 2 endings one where you fail and one where u win.
Wow what a good suggestion Shayoko. I will try to make that into the next version.:)

When you complete the game I would be very happy if you would give me your final experience/opinion of Egbert. Thanks for all your help and your good suggestions=)

#Thanks for the glitch feedback Shayoko.The door I didnt know about.I will look into it.You should be hit by the laser there so... Thx :) And I fix the description on the
glowing trunk as well :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
I Finished!
Alright ignoring stress from previous versions

MC I liked the main character,he wasnt the cliche male lead trying to save the world or some girl who will w/o question fall in love with him just because.

the look i liked the atmosphere,while the castle overall was less impressive then the outside forest,it was still pretty well done.no major issues with mapping imo
you also see the nice lighting effects of the torches in the castle.
And who wont stop for at least a few seconds to look at the MCs smug look as he does w/e he wants? : D

ending i got the good ending,honestly this was a weakness in the game for me.i felt dialog was needed to give your characters adventure,his journey to not be like his father meaning.even if theres another chapter that does cover this. honestly the ending left me wanting a lil more :3

the choices,i liked having choices tho they did not effect the plot they were used to solve simple questions.was just a tad more interesting then only pulling a switch in some awkward place

game lengthit was pretty good for a person who lacks time to get into longer games,its possible to beat this in under 30 minutes if you already know what to do.

honestly i barely pay attention to music when playing games its the least important thing to me so ill not talk about this.

Rating 3/5 *
Now probably obvious but what is the

magical stone
for? i am assuming it carries over to a second chapter?

im debating on doing a playthru of this,but not today :3

would be interested in seeing more work from this creator :3
Thank you so much for your feedback. :) Glad you liked it.
There will be more coming out soon of Egbert the vampire ;)

*I will sit down and try to figure out some different possible endings matching with the choices you make in the beginning.
*I will release 1 more version of this and try to improve everything even more. =)
*Your welcome to do a playthrough of the game,I dont mind that.;)
*With the new ENDINGS in 1.1 finished I can confirm you will use the items then.

Of course 3/5 is very good,but I cant help the feeling I can do even better.:)
Thanks for all the support.
Heya. Just got the final version. I see you've done some improvements and added some lights in the catacombs area that show where to go. Also I noticed more animal bloods. Nice stuff. The area is looking better now too with the lights and all.

I am still stuck inside it though. I did get further than where I was, but I'm at the last bit I think. I've solved the puzzle about the foul sign that Dracula fears, but I am not sure what to do in the room after that. There's a mirror and nothing else seems to be interactable. I also got a pickaxe, though not sure where it's used.
Hey Matseb :) Glad you liked the improvements. Currently working on another version 1.5 with more improvements and it adds 4 possible endings affected by the choices you make in the game =)

Spoiler Alert!
If you cant get past the mirror room im pretty sure you havent picked up the fire seed earlier in the Maze Of Fire ;) You can talk to the rats and they give you special hints if you have the strange mixture =) If spider killed em all you need
to look for something that looks like a fire spot on the ground :)
Hope this helps.. Btw you can also check out the journal and Hints section in the menu where you get more in depth understanding of what to do :)If you have the fire seed you need to interact with the fiery dirt under the mirror.
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