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Game Name: Oh Crap, Zombies...
Maker: RPG Maker VX Ace
When Craig Reeves roomate, Kristie, returns to their house in a panic, he is informed that strange creatures have mysteriously appeared and seem to have an insatiable bloodlust. With the phone lines out, their first objective is to make sure Craig's girlfriend, Jen, is safe. From there, a series of engrossing events unravel involving the discovery of the cause of the virus, an epic struggle for survival, and trying their best to preserve what's left of the human race.

Craig Reeves: A computer programmer from a rural town in southern U.S.A. and the story's protagonist.
Kristie Collins: Craig's roomate, she is intelligent, logical, and likes to get straight to the point.
Jen Abrams: Craig's girlfriend, she has a very kind heart, which makes dealing with the zombie apocalypse particularly difficult for her.
Dr. Heinz Gluber: A cynical chemist working feverishly to procure an antidote.
Jacque Boudreaux: An expert marksman that speaks little of his past.

- Turn-based RPG with over 100 skills/talents
- Mature Rating: Graphic language, sexual situations, drug/alcohol use, blood and gore
- Over 100 different pieces of equipment, each with their own unique icon
- Cooking system
- Over 20 challenging puzzles

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok, just for the name this is worth a look.

I would suggest however you remove the screen shots from the summary as they are already in the images page, that's where they go and it reduces the length of the scroll to get to the comments.
Eh, the indefinite fog effect may put me off. May try this eventually.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
By this standard I should make a commercial zombie game.
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