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Alterations: Part 01

Last Word has undergone quite a few little changes and upgrades, mostly following some helpful feedback. It'll still be awhile before everything's finished and polished, but here are some of the changes so far.

01. Among many battle tweaks, you now have a projected arrow when selecting a move. This means that instead of counting out where the conversation arrow is going to land, you'll be shown.

02. The way you interact with people is still fundamentally the same for now, but after you Gossip, Chatter, or Discourse with someone, an icon (golden star) will appear next to it. This is sensitive to your selected Key Topic. You no longer have to remember whether you gossiped with Mr. Boasting about LV. 04 Mustaches. The game will tell you!

03. The VSFX (Vocal Sound Effects) now trigger half as often as they used to, rather than every time a portrait appears. I typically custom cue these sounds in games, but because of the contest I decided to make an automatic pull from available sounds. Not a lot of people liked that, which is cool, because now I make them hit a lot less. Even better is that you have the option to reduce the VSFX to zero if you like!

04. The soundtrack was pretty sparse. I've already added a few more tracks, and hopefully made a main hub theme that is less grating to some people. Here's an example of the final battle!

Dissertation (Final Battle) on SoundCloud

I'll try to keep the updates coming.