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Richard Reed is on a tight schedule: he has to shoot several scenes in one day and get to the tribute celebration the Academy is throwing him for being one of the biggest stars of Hollywood's golden age.
Follow him as he plays the role of several different character, while you learn more about his life, his choices, and his current situation.

In Panorama, you'll play the most representative genres of the history of film, each with its own unique gameplay, art-style and music. The game features a compelling story with great writing and a thought-provoking ending.

Download the game and find out more here:

Panorama Official Website

Latest Blog

New Update - Spanish Version, bug fix

We just updated the download link with the last version of the game. It now includes Spanish as a language option, as the game was originally written in Spanish. It also fixes the last bugs we were able to find in the game, it should now be completely bug-free. Enjoy!


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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
wow this is huge, have you got a non RTP version?
Downloaded. Will give this a try.
wow this is huge, have you got a non RTP version?

We have to clean up the project to reduce the size, that's true... I'll try to get to it soon. As for a non RTP version, that means people can open the project itself and not just the compiled game?
This is splendid! The music, the dialogue, precise and to the point.
Great job so far, but it crashed after the comedy-scene on me. Was fine after I loaded an earlier save file, though.

Just some minor complaint I've noticed. The lady walks through a lamppost when you return from your dance performance

Great game. Really.
Review will be up soon.
Thanks, Kylalla! Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know why your game crashed... Hopefully it's a one-time thing.

The other minor bug, we tried to fixed quite a few times changing her move route and it doesn't matter: she ends up walking through the lamppost sometimes.

Damn this game is awesome! And that plottwist? It was shocking!
Oh wow that's a cool idea for a game!
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General dropped (lost interest)
not much to say

did not like. if you want something that does not have lots of random battles.
check this out.
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