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BETA 0.5 is up! Feedback would be appreciated!

Happy Holidays and Merry Mayhem to all!

So yeah, a new Beta/Demo for Mayhem Maiden is up, representing the halfway point of the game.

I recognize that it's been...Years...Since the last one. I'm sorry. School nearly destroyed me, and then I immediately landed a job at an indie game studio in a totally different city for a few months, which sapped all my creative energy for a while making progress extremely slow.

But at last, here's the next Beta, with many improved features! This represents the half-way point of the game, and should be the last Beta before the game is done. Hopefully it won't take me another few years to finish. :P

Stuff to look forward to are:

- 2 new dungeons!

Self explanatory. Aside from a few tweaks to older dungeons, you now also have two whole new dungeons to explore!

- Less Randomness!

Having important or dangerous mechanics operate on randomness often impeded the fun. This has been fixed.

May's Potion Launcher? Now it automatically heals the maiden with the lowest HP (by Percentage) making it much more reliable.

Holly's Overload mechanic has been overhauled. Instead of randomly damaging random people (with a slight bias towards the maidens) it now does (less) damage to everyone (friend and foe) on the field at once, and then applies random stat deubffs completely fairly among the combatants afterwards.

Holly's "Sick" status effect from her Ice spells now also makes all attempted status ailments and Binds guaranteed on the target.

Karin's Attract move now feels a lot more reliable too.

Also, not quite "random", but May's "Mayhem Ex Machina" ultimate skill no longer breaks all her gadgets. The skill is hard enough to use already without that additional handicap.

- More Battle information!

The core of what makes the game fun is the "Mwahahaha, just as planned!" moment when you unleash just the right special ability at just the right time, or when you shut down an enemy and prevent them from pulling off their evil plan.

As such, I decided that HP bars were the way to go, letting you much more easily plan out when and where to unleash those special moves for maximum "MWAHAHAHA"!

Plus, now all enemy skills that use a "body part" that you can "bind" to lock down that skill have a little visual "tell"/Animation to let you know what body part you need to Bind in order to prevent that enemy skill from being used again!

Stat booster mods are completely gone. They made the game hell to balance and honestly weren't much fun. Instead, they're replaced with a whole bunch of generalized mods that give all kinds of small passive skills instead.

Be sure to let me know what works, and what you think needs some more fine tuning in the comment section below!

Here's hoping you all enjoy it!


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
Heck yeah! I've been looking forward to this moment for years! Thanks for this beautiful present, and Merry Mayhem to you as well!
theese changes sound amazing! i cant wait to try it out.
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