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Get all the body parts... if you can!

Welcome to the review of "Pup", probably the game with the shortest title I've ever reviewed! This is a Rpgmaker2003 game by cutiecannibal, and the only game made by developer, even if this game reminds of another similar little adventure game: Pen Pals, check that here if you missed it!.

The reason is simple: here too there is a weird and sad story that involves anthropomorphic animals and other strange beings. Other similitudes are the custom made graphics, the violence, a short chase section, useless items, and the complete confusion about what's going on.

The game start with the protagonist Pup, a deer-boy, that had some body parts stolen: the tail, the teeths, an ear, the ribs, and half of the face. But despite that he encounters a complete version of himself that urges him to recover these missing parts.

Well, after watching the ending I got, being eaten by this dragon would have been better!

So the adventure begins, a journey that will bring Pup in different unsettling places like a solitary house on the beach, the asssassin forest, a creepy house during halloween and a mysterious hotel.
The gameplay is more or less the same we got from Pen Pals: go around and interact with people and things, and avoid some rare hostile creatures that you may enounter in a couple of instances and whose touch lead to an instant Game Over (but you may save anytime and anywhere, just to be sure).
Besides collecting useless items and the much needed body parts, Pup will also have some choices to make, because in every area he'll meet one of his friends (other anthropomorphic animals) that may be helped... or eaten! Oh yes.
Apparently if they are helped they will join him in his quest, and in fact they will interact automatically in some events, becoming instrumental to save other friends in future scenarios (if I'm right it's just in a couple of cases that you have a direct choice). Besided this they do not have much to say and everything is left shrouded in mystery, actually random creatures encountered here and there are more interesting (amd have more to say) than those "friends".

Don't let him catch you! Well this area is the entire chase section but I'm sure that even if short you do not want to repeat it!

So the gameplay is a bit "meh", if you want a simple term that's as long as the title of this game. Unfortunately besides the game overs (one of these was totally random and as reasonable as "rock falls, everyone dies!") I was only able to get the bad ending. Maybe you need that incredible pricey item to win the game? Well given that that are some repeatable parts that give you a single coin, you can tecnhically farm enough gold to buy every item in this game... but nah I'm not gonna try because I suppose it will be pointless!

Now the graphics: I admit that these quirky scenarios with weird animals have a distinct charme, and like for Pen Pals exploring was really interesting. The hotel for example hosts many different creatures from that fat rat to a giant chinese dragon, and these have all both a charset and faceset, as many other creatures like the lion vendor. Moreover, when meeting friends in danger and deciding their fate there is a cutscene that will show their fate (being rescue and joining Pup or dying).
Music is used sparingly but aside for this problem, I like some themes, while some moments were eerily silent.

Uhm, I actually wish I did not start this adventure, but now it's too late, I'm doomed!

Final Verdict
Pup is a game that feels unfinished, I wonder, is there a way to get another ending? Every action seems meaningless and every playthrough despite different choices, always lead the the same outcome. Sigh. On the plus side there are no bugs, errors or problems, the game runs fine, there are no cut dialogues and art... well I liked the custom made locations and charsets, they have a distinct charm, even if that is probably the only thing worth of note of this game. Pity but not too bad, this is more or less like Pen Pals, so if you liked that one you may appreciate also this game!