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This game aims to be a fun traditional remake of Super Mario World,
not a Rom-hack or clone. It features a classic style overworld
map containing 73 levels and 96 path exits in total.
Encounter a myriad of enemies and challenges as in the original
1990-1991 game for the SNES.
Luigi is captured by Bowser and it is up to Mario, the famous
"jump-man" to embark on another expedition to rescue his brother.
What new surprises will the mustached plumber discover as he revisits
the familiar Dinosaur Land, a prehistoric continent ravaged by time.
Begin your journey in Yoshi Isle, then travel to Donut Plains to
find Peach and Toad, both playable characters.
There are multiple secret exits and key exits that provide
alternative routes and/or shortcuts. Locate the 5 hidden star portals
that leads to the mysterious Star Road which connects to different parts
of the overworld.

W1: Yoshi Isle
W2: Donut Plains
W3: Vanilla Dome
W4: Twin Bridges
W5: Forest of Illusion
W6: Chocolate Land
W7: Bowser Valley
W8: Star Road
W9: Special World

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Awwww... it's so adorable! A game which's main char is Luigi...
Hate to break it to ya, Masked Man, but you misspelled "feels" there.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I think I remember playing a Luigi SMBX game while drunk, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Regardless, I'll give this game a try. :P
Version 2.0 is ready to play.
Any kind of feedback from the player will be nice.
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