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Animal Panic!

The farm animals have escaped from their pens, and it's up to you to bring them home! Explore a whimsical world of mayhem and mooing as you craft magic items and solve unique puzzles in your quest to restore order to the farm. Alternate endings and hidden areas abound in this one-of-a-kind farm/puzzle/sandbox/rpg.

Happy herding!

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Item Locations

Below is the location of all items necessary for game completion (not including hidden or optional items). Most players will have little need for this list, but if you do get stuck, then this page is for you.

Items are listed in the order attained.

*Dogfood: In the east wing of the castle. Take the center door in the hallway with three doors and some pits.

*Castle Key: Inside the house south of the barn.

*Rope and Basement Key: In the northeastern most room of the Eastern Wing.

*Moon Key: In the well northwest of the barn.

*Dog Collar: Through the eastern cave blocked by a cat.

*Star Key: In the basement of the castle after getting kicked westward across a pit by a horse.

*Sun Key: In the western tower with the dog and cat.


9) I wasn't sure what to add for extra Runeshards, but I'll think on it more. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm open to suggestions, too.

If it isn't too hard to add, a minimap would be a great reward...
A mini-map would be neat.
But wouldn't that be a bit redundant? You'd have to enter every room to get all the runeshards anyhow.

Perhaps I'll add something to the credits. Any other thoughts?

I agree with something for the credits. But yeah, a minimap would be really nice for other parts of the game, maybe there could be something you do to get one.

Perhaps just an award - like the "you caught all the chickens!" award.
Precisely. You got all the runeshards award.

Mini-map... not sure I'm up for it. It would be nice, but the game isn't that big or long, and it's intended to require exploration. I'll consider it though. Maybe a castle map at least.


I fixed the Completionist Ending. It shouldn't have a chicken in it...

Also, did you activate any cheats to get the Completionist Ending? It should only be available when you get all the animals, but your ending stats showed that you were missing some. I hope you used F9 and found the switch... or else I've got some reprogramming to do...

Yeah, I activated F9 switch because of the strange-behaving sheep.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I've got a problem, in the room to the side of the one with all the holes and horses with the selection of 3 cows and 2 chickens and a lot of boxes one of the cows won't disappear. I've pushed it through the teleport gate from both sides and it just slides right through. It's the room with the plaque that lets you teleport back to the barn if that helps. Since I'm aiming for a complete ending I really can't continue until I can get rid of that cow.

I managed to get a screen grab just after I'd pushed it from above, as you can see it's not disappearing even though it's passed through the crystals.

You have to leave one of the boxes as a place to push it up against. The cow cannot simply pass through, it needs to be stopped inbetween the crystals.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
That's odd. Why when all the other disappeared as they passed through, why should this one be different? I'll give it a go, but it's a strange differentiation with no justification. Thanks for the clue through.
Actually, for all the others they stopped against the wall. The crystals were always placed against the walls so you just never had to worry.

There will be several where they aren't, and it's a relatively big difficulty jump.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
No I meant in the room, there were 3 cows in there, the other two disappeared as they passed between the crystals.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Yep, because I tried it your way, and indeed the cow did glow blue and the ice sound played, but it walked away unscathed. I still can't get the little bovine menace back to the barn

edit: OK did it, for some reason it needs to go in from the top. The screen-shot showed it hitting the field being pushed north, it seems it will only go if it's pushed south. Done.

Whew, on to the next challenge.
Hmm, I just tested that room, and I was able to push all three of the cows in from the bottom without any problems. I think the program probably just got glitchy for you at an already confusing part of the game. Not sure how to fix the issue since I can't duplicate it, unless anyone else has some suggestions.

*edit: The event for the cow to teleport isn't called until after the cow stops moving, at which point it updates and then checks the all the cows x/y coordinates. It shouldn't be possible for the cow to teleport through if it doesn't end its move directly between the two crystals.

In any event, none of this glitchiness should have hurt your file or your ability to get the completionist ending :)
Loving this game! However this cow and the two orbs seem to be immune to the Displacement Staff.

I've tried leaving and re-entering the room, saving quitting and restarting, and cycling through different tools and back to the Displacement Staff. Nope.

It's been working fine in other rooms.
Game-breaking level design bug found. [SPOILER BELOW]

Remember here in the castle? You're supposed to swap with the cow to get over to the left where the horse was. Then he kicks you across the pits and you get the item that lets you skip across pits yourself.

At least, that's how the room was supposed to work. Before realizing this, I brought the cow over to the teleportation field goal posts you see conveniently located next to the door on the way in, and sent her home.

Now the only thing to swap with to get over to the left is the horse, which is then no longer there to kick you across the pits. Meaning I'll never be able to get the ring or whatever that lets me skip across pits myself. By sending the cow home early, she's not there to help me complete the puzzle and the game didn't give any indication that she'd be udderly necessary.

I've been stuck for so long all my savegames have been written over by this. But on the bright side, I found a gamebreaker for you! =)

This could be solved easily by turning the cow into a second horse. Then she couldn't be sent home yet by the player, and the puzzle couldn't break.
Haha- I don't know what to say about the cow and orbs that are immune to the wand, except to not push any directional arrows while using the displacement staff.

As for the gamebreaker, you can actually get through still...

When you enter the room, don't talk to the dog. Instead, swap places with the horse. Then break the boxes. Then swap with the dog. Now let the horse kick you to the left.

Glad you're enjoying it, even though it's bugged on you a little! Let me know if my solution works...

Whoops! Thanks, Satori. I tested that cow room and found a programming oversight I had left in while testing the game. You can get that cow now if you re-download. :-)