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Hypnotherapy Trainer is an educational game designed to teach the player the principles of clinical hypnotherapy. The player will learn how to induce hypnosis, how to construct suggestions, and how to create a hypnotherapy session to address a wide range of goals. The gameplay was inspired by the popular game "Papers, Please."

The game was designed by Chris Clayton, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, a doctor of psychology, and a hypnotherapy trainer for the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 16 years and runs a full-time practice in Virginia Beach, VA. His goal is to educate the public about what hypnosis is and how it can be used to solve our most common psychological problems, such as compulsive behaviors, anxiety, and learning disabilities.

The game is currently in alpha stages, meaning the core mechanics are in place, but the game itself is not complete. If you wish to alpha test the game, just download the file from the link below, execute it to unpack the program, run game.exe, and the demo will begin. Use the arrow keys and enter to start a new game.

If you do play the demo, any comments, including bug reports and suggestions for additional features, are greatly appreciated. Please send comments to info@claytonhypnosisclinic.com. Thank you very much!

(234 MB, updated 04-28-15, now with original music by DJ Obscure!)

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I enjoyed the game and it is very educational. Try to play the game guys. You'll learn a lot. CM.
This is quite possibly the most unusual game I have seen on this site

This is quite possibly the most unusual game I have seen on this site


Unusual yet worth playing. CM.
A very nice game for beginners in hypnotherapy, many thanks to the designer! Psychology-related subjects like hypnotherapy can be hard and boring for rookies like me, but this game explains those theories in simple ways, making them relatively easier to understand and remember. Although this is just a demo, I still learned a lot of interesting things from it. The mode of 'teacher and apparentice' is also creative. I especially like the 'after-class quiz' parts, which enable players to enhance the knowledge they have just learned and are very beneficial to players. Then, by trying it out on the NPCs, their memories would be further consolidated.

Besides, the 'shortcut' is very considerate too! Only if it could have appeared a little earlier...walking all the way to the trainer's little tent is quite time-consuming.

As a fan of both hypnotherapy and RPG games, I can't wait to see what our young hero would encounter next! Looking forward to the full-length version! And thanks again for the hard work of Dr.Clayton and other staffs!
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