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The world is in need of a legendary hero. Many aspiring youths will converge upon the Kingdom of Galdorai with hopes of fulfilling that role, but only one will emerge a true hero. You will assume the role of Blake, a lazy, unambitious, and unheroic youth from Caldis Village, chosen by his elders to represent the town at the meeting in Galdorai. It is your job to guide young Blake to his destiny! Or... to goof off and let some other, more worthy individual enjoy the fame and glory and eternal struggle against evil. The choice is yours.

The Legend of Blake is an Action/Adventure RPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. It draws inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, and Skyrim to create a vast world filled with choices, consequences, and turnips, and is probably too ambitious for its own good.

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Your Quest Begins

At long last, there is a Legend of Blake demo available for you to try (which, as I'm sure you know, can be accessed by clicking on that cute little download button up above). There's not a ton of content in it, but there's enough present to get a taste of what is to come. Depending on how much you do, there is up to an hour of gameplay. Or more, if you die frequently... which is a distinct possibility when you're really low level. (If conditions are that dire and the game is that unbalanced, you can interact with that odd flashing plant in Blake's house to become Level 99 and hope that I fix the enemy encounters at a later date.)

There are four distinct outcomes to the demo. The first, and most unfortunate, is the game crashes/freezes/hangs/doesn't work. In that case, I apologize. Please tell me where things went wrong.

The other three outcomes are all based upon your actions. Yes, your choices matter. I won't spoil anything, but the demo is effectively over when you reach the cutscene in Galdorai Castle's throne room. You can wander around after that, but the quest given to you by your story's quest-giver presently does not exist.

There are certainly some issues. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this combat system, and as such, it's not perfect. Even though Blake telepathically swings his sword in a fairly wide arc, the hits only seem to connect when the enemy is directly in front of you. There is actually a LOT more to the combat system than I've actually put to use in the demo... you can train animals, use bombs, boomerangs, a hookshot, etc. There are hints of some of this in the demo, but for the most part, the most complex thing you have to worry about is swinging your sword. And if you take Dylan with you (which I HIGHLY recommend), he will likely learn a heal spell. You can cast it just fine by via the the main menu by pushing ESCAPE, but there are a whole host of other menus you can access by pushing N or M. I don't really explain them in the demo, but if you make Dylan the party leader, he can cast Cure on the map screen. He can't fight, though, so... yeah, it's not an ideal situation. I'm working on that.

There is also a great possibility that you will find impassable or otherwise funky tiles... and any number of other glitches. Again, please let me know if there's anything wrong (or if there's anything right, in the rare event that happens)! As a less-than-special reward for your input, I'll be certain to name an NPC after you.

Anyway, if everything works and the game doesn't crash, if you enjoy my unfortunate sense of humor, if you don't mind a little swearing (or a lot of swearing), and if you like feral turnips, you just might have an agreeable time with the demo. I hope that you do!

Here are some screenshots from the Princess.


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