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A very good story and good atmosphere, now with its only big problem fixed!

  • Dragnfly
  • 04/26/2015 05:41 AM
I first played this game several months ago and really enjoyed it despite its then-wonky translation. As a small disclaimer, I don't actually fault developers for poor translation provided they strive to eventually get help with it (which he did) but most people I know do so I know it does strangle the player count a bit. The developer listened to criticism and fixed it up so the game's biggest drawback is no more. I really thank him for that since so few developers actually listen to feedback instead of making dumb excuses.

The difficulty isn't anything too trying. The puzzles are pretty easy and I only struggled with one boss fight (the first one). Luckily this lets you access the story pretty easily. The other boss fights are actually quite fun too.

The character art is good, even if a bit familiar. Expressions are nicely done and the character art and sprites reflect one another properly. I personally find it very off-putting when a character is, say, wearing a hat on their sprite but never wears one on the rest of their art. No problems with that here. The monsters are very cool (much cooler than crabs) and I'm very fond of the weather. The lighting is also where I like it, with dark areas being dark but not so dark that you can't play the game (a common fault with RM horror games).

The maps are decently done. Hills have a sense of height and different areas have distinct and fitting layouts.

So with the translation fixed the only things I can fault the game on is being too predictable with jump scares, which is a very common problem.

The game certainly shines best in 2 areas- Music and story. The OST is absolutely fantastic and several tracks have made my playlist at both home and work. The story, which grows into something far more than it seems, is very well done.


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Thank you so much for your review Dragnfly!
I must say that making Afterlife: The Second Dimension was a wonderful experience.
I loved it! Sure it's a lot of work, but the results are what's make me want to continue making games. I think it's really important to listen to the criticisms,
because it tells you what to improve and what you're very good with. And so in the futur, you don't make the same mistakes again!

for me, I see video games like a piece of art. And one of the most important thing I found in a video game is the soundtrack. It makes the atmosphere, it makes the game ''alive'' and creates better the mood in the situations,scenes,etc. That's why I put a lot of efforts in my music. And it seems that I did a great job for the soundtrack of Afterlife!

I'm really glad of what Afterlife: The Second dimension has become. A really big Thank you to the fans! It certainly won't be my last game...
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
It certainly won't be my last game...

I'm very glad to hear that
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