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This is my humble offering to the Revive the Dead event. For this particular installment, I chose a single dungeon from my first ever project and made a game out of it. It is a simple dungeon crawler. It's not necessarily comedy but there is fourth wall humor and the hero definitely has a mouth on her.

Aluran is a secret agent from a distant kingdom, but the game doesn't tell you that. She's awakened in the basement of this castle with no clue how she got there. Eventually, she meets Emaline, a sharpshooter with an unknown history, but the game doesn't tell you that either. Emaline possesses skills and weapons that simply don't exist on...well, the planet. Everyone's kind of playing with swords and riding around on horses. Where do you even get a gun? Together, they find themselves in an honest to goodness Frankenstein's-castle, complete with lab, tesla coils, and hideous creation.

It's not great, probably not even very good, but I enjoyed playtesting so it may have potential.

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Ok, before I begin, let me say that I have no issues with your personally, and I wish you well.

Just went through this game, it felt very incomplete and well...it was a pretty terrible game overall.

There were a lot of easily fixable issues, like the skeletons making the game crash, and the wife not having 3 clones of herself when she gets out of her bed.

But more importantly than that, this game is such a bland experience. The two worst things about this game are the optional bosses and the dialogue. The bosses arr hard yes, but the hardest thing about them was how repetitive it was, as they take forever to kill. The dialogue itself NEVER funny and it feels like you didn't even care about it in the slightest, and there's no interesting twists on the combat system or creative dungeon design to go with it.

The only thing that I actually liked about the game was the Monster Mash song at the end. Not the dancing that the monsters did, I barely remember it. But at least I got to hear a cool song at the end.

Sorry, but I really think that you should have just left this game buried, and used the time that you spend finishing it to work on something better.
Finished playing your game. I actually liked it. Yes, it has some issues, but overall I had an enjoyable experience. I'm just a gamer, have no idea how to make games. So thumbs up to you, for making, and completing your games.
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