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About the game , Slayers RPG is a classic RPG that is influenced by old school games, like: Earthbound, Pokemon, Slayers game for the SNES (Super Nintendo), etc. Now you know what to expect, like super bosses, normal enemies, hidden places, hidden treasures and all those things; mainly based on the ANIME Slayers.

About the story, the first part of this game is based on the first season, Slayers, starting when Lina knows Gourry, to Shabranigdu battle. Adding extra things, as mentioned before, other ways, other enemies, hidden passages, etc., it doesn’t have any sense if it just take the main story.


Currently working on a spanish version. English version will come later.


Here is my links to get news about the game, contact, help and wherever you want.

Official Blog and Personal Webs, Contact

Email: lennonjovi80@gmail.com

Latest Blog

Bad News (maybe?)


Hiatus? It seems like. Because I'm preparing to work and also I have college stuffs, mi free time its so limited and we know that I am doing this just by myself so...if maybe, just maybe I can get some free time, I will work on it. For now, all I can say its: the situation is hard :v

Wanna colaborate? Send us an email to: lennonjovi80@gmail.com

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Are you using the SNES RPG as a reference point?
Hi, macblo! Yes, kind of it.
But just in the way you battle, I mean, like Slayers SNES and Earthbound: you can only see the skills animation.
You can go to the official blog and search for the Information Post (English one).
Thx for commenting.
Cool! I loved that game even though it was laughably easy. I'll keep an eye on this game.
jaja you're right, it's easy.
Thank you very much macblo, I will be updating my blog for some news.
For now, I'm kinda busy with college and things, but when I finished, i will work on it!
Are you basing this game off the anime alone? I ask this because I know there are a bunch of character (specifically Naga, Lina's rival if I'm not mistaken) that are exclusive to the other forms of media and I was wondering if they would make an appearance.
Well, the story will be about the first 10 chapters of the 1st season of the anime:
when Lina meets Gourry to Shabranigdu. With that being said, the characters will be:
Lina, Gourry and Zelgadiss. Including others like: Rezo, Zolf, Rodimus, etc.
If I want to introduce another characters like Naga, I have to do a complete different story like a fanfiction because there are no story where all the 4 Slayers meets Naga. The last movie doesn't count because Naga just appear like 3 seconds :P

Just to let you know I previously did the English translation of this game and it is such a shame that the author doesn't have time to continue working on it. I'm trying to drum up support to help / encourage the author to continue.

I've got his permission and have uploaded the English demo on my site for people to try - hopefully this will help spur some interest!
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