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Genre: Action/Space-Adventure

Avg. Game Time: 1.5 - 2.5 hrs. (Approx)

File Size: 350 MB

Dude, Where's My Speeder? is a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars-inspired Action-Adventure. The protagonist is a farmboy from Tatooine called "The Kid" who lives just down the lane from Luke Skywalker. The Kid becomes the protagonist of an alternate/parallel Star Wars saga, about his quest to find his stolen speeder, and insodoing, his long-lost father. The game is humorous in tone, and it has been my goal to include as many locations from the original trilogy as I could, in addition to providing a fresh take on Star Wars. The game features an exhaustive number of easter eggs/in-jokes to Star Wars and other LucasFilm properties. The game also features sound effects and music from the Star Wars saga.

UPDATE: Game is now version 1.3, with copious bugfixes and some graphical revisions. Of note: The Dagobah clothing disappear bug has been addressed, as well as the Tatooine to Dagobah teleport event bug. Also, I removed the RTP files, which brought the filesize down by 200mb. The RTP isn't needed, as I've used custom assets. The game runs perfectly without them.



The Kid:

A hotheaded youth growing up on Tatooine.
Can be described as a slightly less "whiny" Luke Skywalker,
with a more devil-may-care attitude.


The Kid's trusty astromech droid sidekick.

Han Solo:

Shoots first. Has the coolest ship in the galaxy.
Provides the Kid with transport off Tatooine.


Han Solo's Wookiee co-pilot. Covered in fur. Roars a lot.

Ben Kenobi:

A "Crazy Old Wizard". Begins the Kid's training in the ways of the Force.

Jabba the Hutt:

A large, corpulent gangster and a "pretty great guy" according to Han Solo.
Owns a fabulous palace.

Boba Fett:

The most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy.
Occasionally takes on "special jobs" for Darth Vader.
Becomes an unlikely ally late in the game.


A diminutive green Jedi Master. Has a strange way of speaking.
Continues the Kid's training in the Force.

Lando Calrissian:

Baron Administrator of Cloud City.
An all-around swell guy, and a bit of a scoundrel. You'd like him.

Mysterious Dark Jedi:

The game's primary antagonist.
Has a secret plan involving the Kid's speeder! A really bad guy!


The Kid's long-lost father.
His fate is tied to that of the missing speeder.

Darth Vader:

The Dark Lord of the Sith. Also, a nicer guy than you may think!
After all, it's tough being second-in-command of the whole galaxy.
He becomes an unlikely ally late in the game.

The Emperor:

Darth Vader's boss. In a perpetual bad mood.


Produced by

Written and Directed by

Level Design and Eventing by

Original Characters by
George Lucas

Music/Sound Effects courtesy of
John Williams & Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Studio Titles by

Assets Used:

Heavily modified "Yoda Stories" tilesets originally ripped by KyDogan:

RMXP Sprites by SithJester (Converted to VXAce):

Item Icons by Wren:

Enterbrain's Official Futuristic Tileset:

Sound Effects and Music culled from various Star Wars video game and album sources.

Scripts Used:

Asagi's Gun License
Hime's Tag Manager Script
Lankaino's No Unequipping Weapons and Armor Script
Mithran's Graphical Object Global Reference Debugger Script
Prexus Ace's Character Shadows
Yami's Battle Engine Symphony
Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine
Yanfly's Ace Save Engine
Yanfly's Enemy HP Bars
Yanfly's Free Turn Battle System

Special Thanks:

Travis Tessmer
Josh Sweeney
Alex Jones
Zack Buckner
Taylor Williams
George Lucas

Alternate Download Links:



Production Notes:

I started this game in mid 2013. It's had its share of starts and stops. Life got in the way for a while.

This game, in as many ways as I could fit into it, is a heartfelt love letter to Star Wars.

There are nods, in-jokes, and easter eggs galore, and I've strove and struggled to imbue the game with as much nostalgia and classic lines from the movies as I could.

The sights, sounds and feeling of the movies is (I hope) present for everyone who plays the game.

That being said, there are some stipulations:

This game will not appeal to everyone.

Hardcore RPG-ers craving intense, challenging combat may be left wanting more.

This game is about STORY, plain and simple.

It's a lighthearted adventure yarn, and I used the RMVX Ace framework to tell that story.

I attempted, (at one point in early 2014) to make the game both the game I originally envisioned, as well as an intense, hardcore battle game. The result was that I started to lose track of my original intention with the game: To tell a story. The more I focused on enemy balancing and combat mechanics, the more I wanted to go back to the simpler game from before I attempted the changes. In the end, I made the decision to keep the game relatively simple in terms of combat, leveling, and strategy, and focus on telling a fun story, with a focus on humor.

That being said, the combat is fun, and should give Star Wars fans a warm fuzzy feeling.

I started the game as one barely fitting the description of RPG. The battles were easier than they are in the finished version, as the party characters all had ridiculous amounts of HP.

I've since made a good deal of changes. The battles are slightly (read extremely slightly) more difficult, but it really doesn't change much.

I changed the way the party heals as well: Medpacks and Repair kits are reserved for "Quick Fix" healing in battle, while outside of battle, on the main map, you are restricted to "Resting" via the skills menu.

There are three types of enemy encounters in the game:

1. Random-battle "tall grass" type encounters, where without warning, you will suddenly be ambushed by an enemy. These usually happen in areas where you have been warned about dangerous enemy types, such as caves, swamps, etc.

2. Specific Enemy NPC "hunt-type" battles: where rather than enemies appearing randomly, you must actually walk up to a roving enemy npc and "bump" into them, causing them to attack. These are part of a few section in the game where a specific enemy npc has an item you need, or where you must clear a screen of all roving enemies before you can advance to the next area.

3. Scripted enemy battles: usually preceded by dialog of some sort, these battles are "story battles", where an important enemy character appears and challenges you directly. These battles are non-escapable.

In broader terms, the game figuratively taught me how to make better and better events, and how to implement them in cleaner, faster, and better ways.

Many times I would make significant "progress" with the game, only to read a tutorial online and discover a far better way of handling something. There were LOTS and LOTS of "re-dos".

I originally wanted to have a custom game icon, and in fact made one, however when I changed the game .exe icon with resource hacker, but it gave me a corrupted file. For the sake of sanity, I've decided to leave the default RM Icon for the game's executable file.

Note about filesize:
The game is 350mb. It's your call if that number is too big for you. RTP is NOT included, but isn't required, as I used custom assets.

I have hosted the game on MediaFire and MEGA, as they are usually the fastest fileshare hosts for me.

This game has been such a fun experience to write and build. I'm excited to finally share it with you.

Thanks so much, everyone.

I hope you enjoy my adventure in that galaxy far, far away.

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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
I was lucky enough to find this little gem on another site.

While waiting for the NEW Stars Wars movie I really enjoyed this game.
There may not be a lot of strategy but, if you like Star Wars, and who doesn't? :)
this was fun and brought back some great movie memories.

Hope those who play enjoy it as much as I did :)
Han Solo:

Shoots first.
That is not true! Han would never shoot first! The Special Edition proves it.

I like this!
very cool game, why di the scripts not show up in game editor?

the conceept and name of the game is a stroke of genius

keep up the good work.
I'm not sure why the scripts I listed aren't showing up. What ones aren't you seeing, exactly? And thanks for your kind words!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
'Can be described as a slightly less "whiny" Luke Skywalker.'

And that is a win right there, because though I am a fan of the SW universe, Luke was always my least favourite character, so a game without him, genius. I'll be adding this to my list of games for when I just want a bit of a laugh and I imagine I'll have a lot of fun Easter egg hunting.
Wow, just...

Ok, good things first. Dear god did you nail it in terms of how things look. when I'm looking at everything that's on the screen, it looks fucking badass. Nice job with the music as well.

However, everything else about this game completely kills any enjoyment I could possibly have with this game in the slightest. The dialogue is the biggest offender here in spades, which you spend most of the game on is utter garbage. You made every character either bland, annoying, or a combination of the two.

You even did that with Han? Seriously, how the **** do you mess up Han Solo. You made him an naieve idiot for the love of the flying spaghetti monster!

Oh, and you call it a comedy, but for well over half the game, there aren't even any jokes.

Seriously, I really wanna know. Did you look at the dialogue and think "Man, I'm so proud of myself. This is so funny, and the dialogue of mine is great!"

Edit: What am I saying? The creator of this horrible project doesn't care about it. He only has commented here once, and that was is response to bug fixes.
Thanks for putting together this game and making the code available to see. You did a great job making the presentation and attributing those involved. I am having fun playing it.

Personally, there was a little too much dialog and I felt kind of forced in my actions but it still is fun. Your scene setup was always just enough and there were hints when you were off story. My kids will love it.

I see that you are mainly commenting on www.rpgmakervxace.net so I will try to leave a comment there.

Thanks again.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, but then I'm just another fan (of RPG-Maker and of the original Star Wars trilogy (from back before they were numbered, and the first was simply called Star Wars) - nothing else had had to be added, we knew which was what; although we did tend to call The Empire Strikes back) Blue Harvest, and knew the answer to the question "Biggs? Who's Biggs?", and---more importantly---why)(knew his family's name, too...)). I am not an accomplished, trained, and experienced writer, or able to properly critiqué literature as are some reviewers, but I also thought one of the primary points of this site was to have fun...

...but then, I'm just a fannish know-nothing. Still, I really enjoyed your game!!!
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