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You take on the role of Mo The Great! Hero of many a heroic deed and slayer of many a not so heroic things in this 'pre-retro' style RPG. You must delve deep below thy town in the Cavern of Doom to defeat its evils and win its loot!

Cavern of Doom features 4 difficulty settings and a hidden ending for those who are stalwart enough to finish off all of its evil denizens. There is even a new game + for those who just can't get enough!

If you like classic dungeon crawling and graphics that just vaguely resemble things from a fantasy setting then you will love Cavern of Doom!

Note that igno tech the makers of Cavern of Doom are not to be held responsible for controllers broken or explicatives launched due to dieing just short of that treasure/boss/stairwell you were about to reach....

Latest Blog

Let the Dooming Begin...

Development has begun full swing on Cavern of Doom II: The Dooming. Check it out right here:


  • Completed
  • bobthebobish
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 09/05/2008 05:04 PM
  • 12/02/2012 10:18 PM
  • 10/01/2008
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It...almost reminds me of huge lego pieces for your graphics...

um...I don't know what to say, this...well...blows the mind... O_O
Ok, i dont know if your lazy or this is how you want it to look, but if its ment to look like this i think it looks awesome, of course if your just lazy, this sucks and put some work in
Haha, this looks so cool. Okay, the graphics are in a special style and cool in that way, but it's the old-schoolness that seems to be more than awesome. I'll try it out.
Thanks everyone! And yes that's exactly how I wanted the graphics to look (all but the text boxes/text are in a 20x15 resolution!). The pics are a wee bit old but I'll try to get the updated ones up ASAP as some of the minor changes seem to work a little better.
This looks freakin sweet man. i luv old style games (i may start working on one myself)
Strategy guide is up in case anyone is stuck or looking for ALL the secrets and spoilers! Unless there are any nasty bugs reported I think I can finally stick a fork in this one (again).
Sweet I got a game featured? Does this mean that the world is going to end soon? :P
Oh my god this is brilliant! How is it that a game can be so good yet so bad! You are very good at what you do.
Mega Pixel Shock. More pixel's style than in old games. That's freaky must download it.
I couldn't help playing it.
It looked retarded at first, but the only word that comes to mind now is... "EPIC"!!!
Glad to see a few more people enjoyed it :)

Still can't get up any ambition to finish what was my main project. Did think of a few ideas for a sequel to this based on the super secret ending...

Still it would mean I'd have to get off my butt and do it lol
Resident Nonexistence
This game gives me nostalgia for the games of old..(in other words, i love it :D )
Where did I drop Doom II..
Since my main project doesn't show any time of being completed this year I thought I'd ask if anyone would like to see a sequel to Cavern of Doom. Been kicking around a few ideas and don't think it would take to long to put out a quality sequel and it might be a good break from more complex work.

Lemme know in the blog or send me a PM if you'd be interested in seeing what happened to Mo The Great after his epic conquests beneath thy town.
Returning from RMVX Death
This... is awesome. I think someone else already said this (maia I think), but it reminds me of the old Atari and Calico console. I love it!
problem with a sequel, as I see it, would be that you'd need a new... "gimmick" of some sorts. that is, some form of outrageous graphics ;)
Oh I already have a plan for that ;) but primarily improved gameplay and more strategic depth me thinks. Plus a very .... strange... story.
absolutly; that's always a number one priority but when we're talking in regards to attracting attention
Ok so after fooling around for a day I got a pseudo 3d engine working (think gold box AD&D games) for the sequel going and an intro. Depending on your knowledge of what ending (if any) you obtain from the first game the rest of the games story will be determined. In other words all of the endings including just plain dieing are possible cannon :).
Hopefully within a month I can finish enough to post up a game page and possibly at least a 'tech' demo in case anyone else wants to see how to make the above engine. This really has given me a great break from the main project in which I'm re-working all 24 characters at the halfway point as they become promoted... oye!
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