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This game is about trading during a war. Each run you make is fraught with danger! An encounter with bandits is just as likely as getting in the way between two factions!

You play as Jo, a trader who prefers a quiet life, but is stuck on the entrenched island where the game takes place. He must earn some money to get away from the fighting. As Jo is a trader, you'll be purchasing goods in one location, and shipping them to a different location to turn a tidy profit. Certain actions will either increase, or decrease your popularity. With a more positive popularity, the bartering table is tipped in your favor, whereas a negative one will reduce your profit margin, if not outright negate it.

While you control Jo directly, you are also responsible for those underneath him. Looking after them is important! For example, you have to keep an eye on the quality of equipment, and make sure everybody is fed while on the road.

Personal aside
I just started with RPG Maker and with programming in general. This game is totally an experiment for me! I'm publishing it here, because I'm doing it all by myself, and testing this game by myself alone is kinda hard! So, please, if you have some free time, take a look at this game and tell me about the bugs that you find. Or, hey, just leave a bit of feedback. I'd appreciate it!

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Although It's a difficult game,I love this game~.
I give it 3.5 out of 5 hearts.<3
Although It's a difficult game,I love this game~.
I give it 3.5 out of 5 hearts.<3

Uh oh,made an acidental double post.
It seems Willy doesn't sell Jo drugs:Jo buys drug from Willy but gets nothing.
And why is there only one free supply?Oh,I could receive free stuffs by defeating bandits!
Jo can gain popularity only by trading with Telcas Drug Seller aside from Maskle Mission.
Whoops, that's my big mistake. I was finishing game for upload and I made this bug at the last. Every drug trader should be ok by now.

"And why is there only one free supply?" - I'm going to make more in next versions.

Thank you for your comment and I'm happy that you like my game :)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
My first bit of feedback is make an RTP free version. That will drop your file size by around 200mb and will make people much more likely to download it and give it a go.
Thanks. I reduced the size, hopefully it will be working fine.
Amazing game, i see future potential.

Reviews : 4 / 5
Guardian of the Description Thread
Played this a bit. I must admit, I was expecting something more of a commodity exchange where players buy and sell goods in one shop-screen, rather than going from shop-to-shop and calling common events. I also kinda wish bandit encounters were more interactive. As they stand, they pretty much encourage save-scumming.

Two questions, if I may. First, why are players are able to buy up to 99 of any given item, but can sell in groups of up to 999? Second, I must be missing something, as I returned to the first town, and was able to put over 30K gold into it, yet, after doing so, I'm not getting any kind of ending?

*Edit: So, I poked around this game in the editor (best not to ask), and found that the end-game processing is activated with a switch that I never activated. With a bit more poking around, I found where that switch was activated.

Why do you expect players to find that particular room, let alone steal the food that's in there? As far as I know, players only need to deposit 10,000 gold in their chest at their home in Nesim to win the game. While stealing the 20 units of food in that side-passage could help players get to the 10K faster, it doesn't seem like it should be a requirement to win.

I dunno. I guess the whole thing is just rubbing me the wrong way.
Guardian of the Description Thread
So, wait, the gold that is stored in that chest before getting that event doesn't even matter? I don't get this move.
Hi, thanks for you post. As I said, the game is in pre-alpha phase and all ending thing is not yet done. Now I have too busy to work on it.

First question: You're right, I can redo this easy.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Where are all the downloads for this game coming from?
Where are all the downloads for this game coming from?

Is a nearly 25% download per view ratio common?
I've just done a little promo on biggest czech rpg maker forum, plus fb promo.

I'm glad to see so much downloads here but I did not get much feedbacks :/. Hope somebody will put it here in comments or via PM...
Guardian of the Description Thread
I've just done a little promo on biggest czech rpg maker forum, plus fb promo.

Here I was, pretending to believe that they were playing this game while eagerly awaiting in the shadows for Myriad Cypher to be completed.

In more seriousness, having downloads is still good news for you, even if there are no comments. I might want to re-play this again. Have there been fixes from last time I played?
You're right that I'm not pleased with this many downloads and so few feedbacks on the game. I've got some on other forum and I'm collecting it all. Now I'm working on next version of Jo the Trader and I will upload it on late June (i hope).

I'd be glad if you'll play my game again after this update :)
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