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Pokemon Hunter 4 - First Impressions

  • kentona
  • 09/28/2008 11:55 AM
Pokemon Hunter 4
..:: First Impressions ::..

Pokeman Hunter 4 is (presumably) the fourth Pokeman Hunter game by halibabica. I haven't played any of the other games (people should know by now that I don't play many RPGMaker games - I'm a maker, not a player), but I decided to give this one a spin.

I am a fan of RTP - I find that the chipsets are cohesive, consistent and well made, and suitable if mapped well. Pokomans 4, fortunately, is mapped well, if a tad simply. I found the mapping of the village a little wooden and rigid, but the others maps I've played were interesting. I found the forest "maze" to be more frustrating than challenging, though.

As to the game itself - I've never played Pokomans and the only exposure I have to Pokomans is the cartoon and Super Smash Bros. Is this what a normal pokomans game is like? I doubt it, but it's still pretty fun. The Beast Whistle concept is a good idea.

halibabica stresses that elements can make or break a quest. That's all fine and dandy, but I really wasn't given any guidance to how that applies ingame. There wasn't a tutorial provided, and the enemies (and even my pokomans allies) elemental affinities weren't very obvious (well, except for Dig Dug).

I was impressed with the cutscenes and Move Events - I know how big of a pain in the ass they can be, and it looks like halibabica took care and effort to make them well. Kudos.

All in all, Pokemon Hunter 4 is an alright game, one I plan on continuing in the future.