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Everyone who has played Casia probably remembers the dark and tragic backstory of the protagonist, whose parents died in a bloody war, leaving her orphaned with her brother. This war had been fought over an artifact called the Soul Talisman, which also played an important role in her later adventures. And We All Lost tells this story from the perspective of an archer who had to witness the terrible events of war.

The two villages of the Kele continent, Puru Village and Murre Town, have lived in perfect harmony for over a hundred years. This peace is about to be shattered as the leader of Puru Village, Robertson, decides to invade Murre Town in order to acquire the fabled Soul Talisman. Unaware of even the existence of such an object, Murre Town can only defend themselves as they question the motives of Puru Village's attack. Nick, an archer, teams up with a trader and a warrior to uncover the mysteries behind the war and figure out how to bring it to an end. All the while, they have to deal with the monstrous actions of the Puru Village army and the pressing occupation of Murre Town.

Even though this game is a prequel to Casia, you do not need to have played it in order to understand this one. There are multiple references, but the story of this game is easy to understand and requires no prior knowledge.

Features of this game include:
- About 1,5 hours of gameplay
- A tragic story with a surprising ending
- Three unique characters with different strengths, weaknesses and personalities
- Some side quests and secrets to uncover
- Lots of references for those who have played Casia

Latest Blog

Patch 1.1 up!

The newest patch makes the "Retry battle" give back the items you used in your previous battle. It also adds a new feature "Help", which gives you tips on where to go to progress the game in specific parts.
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  • 01/23/2015 03:18 PM
  • 08/06/2016 03:44 PM
  • 03/17/2015
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Directly this came up: Script cache line106:RGSSError occured failed to create bitmap.
Does this message pop up when you open the game or later at a specific part?
A little little bit in the intro,and without the intro it came up just after the first person shows up.I have deleted the file,sorry,waiting for a new.But both with and without intro its just seconds then it shows up.

Well, I noticed a few issues with this game. For one thing the save feature doesn't work. Also when you lose a battle and reattempt it the game doesn't return the potions you had used up during your previous attempt.
The returning of items on retrying a battle is easy to fix, and I already have a feature on the way which will help in knowing where exactly to go next. However, I don't know what happened with the save feature in your playthrough. After seeing the video I test-played the game on a different computer than the one I made it on, and the save works just fine.

If anyone else can report on the save issue, it would help in knowing whether the problem is with the game or whether it was just something about the computer... I can't find any glitches myself though.
I'm having problems with saving too, when i press save i hear a the sound for it but it doesnt save :(
Make a continuation of Cassia. I really enjoyed this game. Very good. Should have a Casia 2. :)
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