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Pokemon The Evil Inside 2 (Action/Adventure Shooter Game for RM2K/2K3)
by Colt & Blackmage#1


The world of Pokemon is in chaos, due to an virus all Pokemon have turned against they're human companions. The one man who defeated them before returns to take them down.


Using an advancedly coded system, Pokémon The Evil Inside 2 provides a great action/adventure for RPG Maker 2000. With nummerous innovative, groundbreaking and fun shooting style gameplay never seen before in a RM2K game.
From a zelda-like gameplay with guns, to a grand theft auto like vehicle system. Navigate trough the 10 large levels of the devistated Jotho pokemon world.


Action based 4 directional shooter
Epic gameplay with unforgetable bossfights
Fully customized graphics to recreate the Jotho pokemon world.
Scoring system that monitors your shooting and kills, which will reward you at the end of each level.
Use the rewards you earn to buy better weapons or upgrade old ones.
Get help from an AI based partner who will assist you in many ways.
Various minigames that fit right in with the gameplay.
Fully animated Sprite and Picture based cutscenes that would be better in place on the big screen.


Recommended specifications:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
Processor: 1.5 Ghz
256 MB RAM
Video adapter 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
DirectSound-compatible sound card
40 MB free disc space

Requires RPG Maker 2000 RTP to be installed on your computer

Meeting recommended requirements will ensure a smooth and enjoyful gameplay without lag and bugs.


To download the full version of the game visit the download section

Have fun!

Latest Blog

Check out the latest project from Colt

Hey any ptei fans still active on this website. Colt here, and I'd like to announce my latest project. Check out the trailer and a link to a downloadable demo version below.

The Demo

A demo version of the game has been released. I'm in need of some general feedback about what you think about the game. Is it to hard, or to easy? stuff like that. But most importantly, is it fun to play? As an avid fan of the rpg maker series I'd like to know what you guys think.

Please download the demo and leave me your feedback.
e-mail me at josploegmakers@coltgames.com

Click here to visit the website and download the demo.
Installation instruction are described on the download page (a very simply unzip and click executable)

Play through the first few levels of the game, including the first boss fight and an optional (but recommended) tutorial. It also includes the full version of free roam mode, where you can explore the World Army's base of operations and meet the crew working there. And the custom mission mode, where you can select any of the available levels and customize your own mission.

Keep in mind, this is still an early version of the game. Errors and bugs can be present. Music aside from the main theme is subject to change, as is the majority of the sound effects. If you do come across any bugs or errors, please let me know, e-mail me at josploegmakers@coltgames.com
  • Completed
  • Colt
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • Action Shooter RPG
  • 09/23/2008 01:05 PM
  • 07/23/2023 05:10 AM
  • 09/29/2008
  • 74168
  • 9
  • 2104


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Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
This game is actually a lot of fun. I beat it a few years back.
I beat it. Some mini games rocks some not. Game play is godd but we should walking when weapons reload and when we shot double shot, or more game should'nt block next bullets. No explosion range in bazoooka ! Why, why ! And no option to turn off cut scenes. Cant wait for PTEI2.5
How do you downlode RPG Maker 2000 RTP to your computer?
There aren't many games that are as epic as this!
How do you downlode RPG Maker 2000 RTP to your computer?

Download and install both of these:
A fantastic game, mixing action, humor and gameplay!
A very good history and well wrtten protagonist!
Thanks for this!
Can´t wait for the continuation!
Despite the gritty atmosphere of this Pokemon fangame, this counts as a great classic. Someday i would make something like this...
My mind is full of fuck.
A man from the small town of Pallet Town has declared a personal war on the Pokémon species, vowing to exterminate them all. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have been traumatized by an encounter with a wild Pikachu as a child and has since dedicated his life to ridding the world of these "cute but dangerous creatures". He has assembled a team of like-minded individuals and has begun to systematically hunt down and eliminate any and all Pokémon they come across. The man's mission has sparked outrage among Pokémon trainers and fans worldwide, who have condemned his actions as cruel and misguided. Local law enforcement authorities have yet to take action against the man but have warned that anyone caught aiding or abetting his cause will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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