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For a while now, Melissa and Luke have been surviving on their own. Melissa has held onto hope. She still believes that her and her younger brother Luke will find a safe, warm place. Luke on the other hand still isn't quite sure how their lives are going to end - but he's quite certain that they will.

On one of their many searches for a better place, they find themselves in the company of two strangers. This is far from the first time they've found people they didn't know, but their wariness shows. Soon after meeting, the four begin travelling together toward a better place. They all travel together in hope of finding stability and warmth.

But, in the apocalypse, people die all the time.

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"wait you made this a career?"
If the game isn't to long or in pieces that only the original team would ever be able to understand I'd be glad to offer some assistance if needed seeing I was looking forward to this.

Edit: Page two.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I don't think so, at least not soon - as far as I know, everyone involved is either busy with other projects or AWOL.

Sorry :/ I guess you could say this project has a Bleak Future.
Worst-case scenario, I have a future project that the tilesets I made for this would be perfect for, so if this doesn't get made, and the others don't mind, the tilesets will at least live on ^^;;

Broadly speaking, I am available to work on this, so youse guys know. If you're similarly motivated, I mean.
You're magical to me.
For transparency's sake, I'd like to announce that I'm using most of the assets I originally created for this game in a new project, here.

I want to thank slash, Gourd and Max for our time working together. Even though the game didn't get made, it was very nice to work with you all ^_^
I wouldn't mind working on the cut-scenes for this again sometime, but it does not look like the game is happening exactlyl~ haha
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