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Progress Report

Hideo Redone

Hideo looked like a fart so he got himself redone and now he looks like a better-shaded fart. He also looks younger! What’s his secret? PLASTIC SURGEONS HATE HIM!

Progress Report

Night Environment Preview

Just a small preview, we haven’t shown any in-game stuff in awhile!


Cameos Announcement

Howdy everyone!

All your OC’s were super interesting and pretty, and we had a hard time deciding on just 4 :( We are very thankful for all your submissions and to those of you that took the time to draw your character with the yukata! We had a ton of fun getting to know all of your creations!

After much deliberation and tough decisions, we managed to select our favorite 4 out of everyone!

They are, in no particular order:

Shizuka Kurosawa by Mi

Epiphany by L.L.

Dragnfly by Dragnfly

Kiyoko Satori by S.G.

Thank you to everyone that participated! We will get in touch with the creators of the selected characters in the future for your approval of the dialogues and to show you the art progress!



Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed on the demo, we here at KTT Inc. love references and cameos. And those of you that follow the game closely, may already know that one of the areas of the game will be an Inn, where guests stay while Amaya works her hocus pocus on them.

As such, we decided to open up some slots for cameos of your OC’s to be guests at the Inn! We have 4 slots available, so send your characters to kagototorii@gmail.com along with a brief description for us to write flavor text and dialogue! (we will run this by you for approval, so don’t worry about your character saying stuff they wouldn’t!).

Conditions are the following:
- Must be an adult human (or an adult version of your child character, if you’d like)
- Must have single color hair (as in, no rainbows or multi-colored streaks)
- A reason to visit the Inn (a curse, possession, tourism, spoopy stuff. This suggestion might be subject to change on our end.)
-They will be wearing the Inn's yukata (pictured above) to fit into the universe. They will have their own pixel sprite made by Rann and portrait drawn by Nuei.

We will select 4 characters and announce them on February 21st!


Voice Acting Casting Call

Hello everyone!

It’s time to D-d-d-d-do a post about Voice acting!
We are in need of 3 voice actors to voice 2 adult males and 1 adult female.
It won’t be fully voiced lines, but only reaction snippets like grunts, gasps, cries, sighs, laughs, etc. Similar to the demo, basically.

Our only requirement for consideration is that you have a microphone that can record with a clear quality with minimum to no BG noise or static.

Evaluation parameters will be voice quality (harmonious/consistent voice) acting (capacity to show emotion and expression) and character adequacy (if the voice matches the character). We also ask that, since the characters are Japanese, to try your best for a Japanese intonation

Since we have two males, if you audition for one of them but we think your voice would be awesome for the other (or even for the female, who knows!) we might ask you if it’s ok to have you voice the other!
Also, if you have a good vocal range, feel free to audition for multiple characters!

Anywhoo, here are the lil’ rascals that need your vocal chords. We will just put a basic personality type for you to have an idea, as well as some of the sounds we’ll need. If you are selected, we will then send you the full and detailed character personality description and list of snippets needed for that character:

Takanaka Hideo

This fashion-police runaway is a nice and caring father to Hotaru. His voice can be deep or soft, but has to be able to transmit that he’s basically a nice, gentle, friendly guy.
Snippets for audition (feel free to add other emotions and sounds!): Gentle laugh / Embarrassed laugh / Surprised “Hoh” / Tired sigh / Furious(and/or frustrated) yell / Grunt of pain

Izumo Nori

Contrary to PSY, Inko didn’t get it from her daddy. Nori is blunt, doesn’t speak much (and when he does he’s to the point). His voice must show that he is stern and doesn’t care much for emotions, so most likely a deep voice would fit better, but feel free to prove us otherwise!
Snippets for audition (feel free to add other emotions and sounds!): Various hums and grunts / Furious grunt / Apathetic “Eh” or “Ah” / Coughing violently

Izumo Amaya

Inko’s Mom is as nice as she has eyebrows. Her voice must transmit confidence, power and calm authority. She is often the most powerful person in the room and she knows it. She’s also not nice at all. Jesus.
Snippets for audition (feel free to add other emotions and sounds!): Sarcastic soft chuckle / Inquiring soft “Hoh?” / Exasperated sigh / Outraged “Eh?” or “Ah?” / Soft laughter like a bitch, God I hate her so much / Coughing violently.

If you are interested (pls be!), please email us your audition recordings (any format is fine) to kagototorii@gmail.com or a link to a cloud folder through tumblr or rpgmaker.net, referring the character you are auditioning for!

If you’re not interested, please reblog, share, print it out and post on your school or workplace, ask your parents to ask their friends, hand out fliers, send smoke signals, etc! WOOOO

Thank you so much in advance!


Mystery 5 Solved!

Mystery 5 has been solved by an anonymous user, so congratulations!

Here's the reward!
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