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Begun in the year 2000 and completed in 2006, "The Sword and the Fish" would become the second-most downloaded RM2000 game featured on the old Ultima Island website - enough to earn a place among other far more famous RPGs on www.tvtropes.com. It also spawned a fun 40-page comic you can read should you fancy.


Explosions galore! Maps a-plenty! Enough equipment boxes to kill a small horse! Yes, The Sword and the Fish is the game you've been waiting for - assuming you have been waiting for an archaic-looking game wherein the hero is a scruffy amoral hick. What it lacks for presentation, it later makes up for in presentation! And all the while you can laugh along with the most ridiculous cast of characters to ever operate in an A-B, up, down, left, right universe. The ancient demonlord GWAR (yeah, that's right) has awakened and begun nefarious works, but all our hero CLIFFORD wants to do is rock out in a bad local band. Ambitions are for the weak! Alas, the fates are jerks and Clifford soon finds himself forced to save the world, like, three times. At least. Maybe even more!

Join Clifford as he foils his village's local cult, gets headbutted by love, meets robots from the future, engages in tomfoolery, realizes the robots aren't really from the future, goes on trial for thuglettry, and tracks down and kills 7 powerful demons - before taking on Gwar himself!

An updated-ish website exists for The Sword and the Fish to take your gaming and comic-reading experience to a whole new level over here: https://swordandthefish.wordpress.com/


Latest Blog

Original Score is Up!

Hello Satfies,

The original score is up over at my main website, and it offers a few songs DIFFERENT from the original score tracks attached to this site. So check it out! There is also a yearly poll because... that will likely be as long as it takes to get relevant results.

Basically... the site's done!

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  • 06/01/2006
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Very happy to know your game is with us this year, I played it when it was in RPG 2000 :-), and I think I keep it saved In a backup copy. always reviewing the site searching for a new version, the last version I tried was on january 2018 ( I downloaded it but it did not function at all), now oh great surprise, I downloaded it today and will try to play it again. Thanks for keep the game alive.
Hi Scumdrop finally I install the game I have Windows 10 and I received an error message about the compatibility (I run it as admin and it is running, but I have a problem with the text (does not show in dialogues, main screen and the menu) how can I fix it?.
Thanks in advance
Hi Canim,

Sorry for the super-late response, but I'm having my OWN troubles with the game on Windows 10... so I can't help much 1.5 years later.

There IS a file that 'fixes text' for the game, that should be in the download, called rm2k_fp.exe. Run that before installing RTP etc. If not, unsure. Or re-install. Or try installing off the website: https://swordandthefish.wordpress.com/
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