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I must be a decent composer because, yep, that's where the song plays. It also plays in Jimmy's house (the two areas are adjacent).
I must be a decent composer because, yep, that's where the song plays. It also plays in Jimmy's house (the two areas are adjacent).

The name helps. 'Open Window' is a freedomy name.
New track: Bucket of Stink.

I was going to do a blog post today, but I'm neck deep in essays I've got to grade. Summer's so close...I'm chomping at the bit to get some major work done on Jimmy. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!
The echoy sounds make Bucket of Stink sufficiently creepy...

There's some breathy sounds, and something like a abruptly cut moan? Which also make good creepyness.

Reminds me a bit of your contribution to Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening? 'Cause of the sax?
Yeah, good ear; that sax tone is the same one I used in that track, and I was also using that same articulation with the echoes. I really like how that sounds, haha.
Bucket of Sink reminds me a little of this beat in the beginning (at least when it comes to the horns):

The song has an Egyptian feel to it and I like the hip hop beat it's got going on as well.
I'd love to do a bass cover on some tracks in the future. Osaka Konnichiwa sounds fun to play.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I like the rhythms in this one (3+3+4)! It reminds me of what Al Di Meola usually likes to do (play in simple signatures while adding rhythmical elements of surprise by playing around with accents).
Hey, good ear, man; playing with the time signature was definitely the fun thing for this. Portions of it (like the intro and the section that follows) are also in five.

And, yeah, I love playing around in the lower registry; I've got some pretty mean bass lines in there, so hearing a cover would be pretty sick.
A Cocoon Throbbing in a Dead Man's Mouth

Ooh, this is Slither's battle theme, isn't it? I really loved this one. It contributed most to the atmosphere, I think. Just like the dungeon, it's so shockingly different from the rest of the game while still containing a similar aesthetic. It really communicates danger and malice, and I like the way it transitions into more typically jRPG-esque riffs, since I love grand, sweeping, classical themes.
New track: Beach Volleyball Massacre.

This is the track that plays during Punch Tanaka's fight in the demo. This ended up being one of my favorite battle tracks, but I wanted to make sure the demo was out before I put it up on the soundcloud so that it surprised the people who stay up to date with Jimmy. I hope Punch made an impact!
New Track: March of the Korgis.

I like to think of narratives when I compose sometimes. The song starts with regal-looking korgis marching down the streets, shooting imperialistic gazes at the peasants. Then around :32 seconds someone throws a stick and they hop after it.
New Track: Let's Color Today

I say this is a new track, but if you've played the demo, you've heard this one. Fun fact: this is one of the first songs I wrote for the game. This was actually part of the soundtrack for the original incarnation of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.

Double fun fact: Osaka Konnichiwa is the oldest track for Jimmy; it was a song I wrote without a definite game in mind just so I could test out a little midi guitar I bought a while back. It fit the tone of the game so well that it was really easy to fit in.
... Why does Let's Color Today sound like I've heard bits of it somewhere else? Or that might be just Deja vu...

It's nicely upbeat, with the guitar throughout, and occasionally being the dominant sound.

I feel like I could slot it in for The Heart Pumps Clay's Grow at the Speed of Light for some reason...
New track: Rhythm Factory.

@Malandy: Super late reply, but I think I used the same arpeggio for both of those songs because I was obsessed with it for a while, and I wrote those around the same time.
Rhythm Factory sounds nicely Mechanical with it's robotic whirling sounds.

And then the echoing sounds makes it sound like it's in some large empty area.
New Track: Wind-Up Sprocket

I'm thinking this is the last track I'll add to my soundcloud. I miiiggghhht add one more when I'm closer to the completion date; we'll see.
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