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I like that you have these posted to listen to. "Osaka Konnichiwa" has some awesome ideas and lots of flavor. Really good stuff. :)
These are great! Definitely getting an Earthbound vibe from them and I love it.
Some pretty catchy melodies. And its good idea to have section like this, can drag some attention.
Thanks, ya'll!

@Merlandese: That's actually the oldest track for the game (and, really, the oldest thing in the game period), and it's still one of my favorites. I composed that right after I got my MIDI guitar, so I kind of went nuts with it. I think that might have also been the first song I composed completely in Reason, so it was the first time I got to use samples.

@drenrin: Earthbound is definitely a major influence; I tried to keep most of the tracks modern and usually twist in a little zaniness or childish aspects for the non-horror segments.
It definitely works, I especially like the string breaks in Motion Sickness. That might be my favorite track actually.
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
I really enjoyed the tracks you posted. My favorite is Serotonin Flowers. It evoked an image of traveling for me. I could actually see going on a run while listening to it. Thanks for sharing them.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
I love the titles of your tracks and they all sound great! I don't know how to explain it in proper musical terms but they have lots of twists and turns and they're very engaging. Osaka Konnichiwa is probably my favorite.
Thanks! The element of surprise is something I really like incorporating into music. I'd say my biggest influence on that is Mr. Bungle, but I don't tend to do genre switching as much as they do. But, yeah, I like to emphasize contrast in music because those are the kinds of moments that grab me by the lapels and make me listen.
I added a new track to the initial post: Adventuring for Beginners. Give it a listen!
Very nice! The horn melody gives it the adventurous tone while the beat spices it up and conveys a non-traditional atmosphere. Good stuff.
You're magical to me.
I absolutely love it! So funky, upbeat, and action-y :D
Thanks! That's going to be the battle theme for a more metropolitan area, so I wanted something really upbeat to capture the energy of the city. Funk seemed like the perfect medium for that, and, let's face it, funk is just awesome.
New track: My Animal Friends.

This one's the theme for the first town (which I'm very likely going to call Smile).
New Track: Butterscotch Train.

I also added links to the original posts since the soundcloud players aren't loading for me for some reason.
You're magical to me.
Oh man, Butterscotch Train sounds so good. ;_; I feel all nostalgia-y inside! Great job, Housekeeping! :DDDDD
Thanks! I'm definitely trying to call back on snes-style melody-forward sensibilities, partially because it fits with the narrative/aesthetic, but it's mostly because I just goddamn love that kind of thing.
New track: Toaster with Teeth.

This is a battle theme that plays when fighting robotic enemies. My apologies to any bots that might find this page.
Toaster with Teeth is awesome dude. Awesome work!
You're magical to me.
Yeah, I agree! Super awesome! I love that you're using multiple battle themes like this :DDDDDD
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