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Let's Get to Know You, Grumble Bear!

*This is an old blog post that was lost from the server reset. I'm reposting it so everyone will know not to bother a sleeping Grumble Bear. The more we can do to prevent Grumble Bear-related maulings, the safer our forests will be.

“Hey, Grumble Bear, will you sing us a song?”

“Hey, Grumble Bear, how about a dance?”

“Hey, Grumble Bear, why are you mauling me?”

The Grumble Bear doesn’t want much out of life. It wants to be left alone, mainly, so it can sleep eighteen hours a day in its cave, and, when it wakes up, it’ll probably eat some salmon or something–not because it particularly likes the taste, but it’s the only creature that will directly hop into its open mouth.

Grumble Bears are known to take frequent naps, even in battle. Unsuspecting hunters might think a sleeping Grumble Bear is an easy target, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Once a Grumble Bear wakes up, you’ll quickly realize that they still have massive animal strength. And, the other thing about Grumble Bears is that when they’re not sleeping, they’re perpetually cranky.

As a Grumble Bear, Jimmy will be able to tap into that animal strength. In battle, he’ll be able to release devastating physical attacks (sometimes at the risk of his own health), and, if things get too tough, he can take a nice afternoon nap to heal up. A high-level Grumble Bear will be able to enter an enraged state that boosts his stats and turns him into a nigh-unstoppable, fuzzy killing machine.

On the field, Grumble Bear can slam into the ground, which will depress stuck switches or break fragile surfaces. It will also release a seismic wave that will ping off of every remaining toy chest in the level. Not bad for a slacker!


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In case anyone missed the comments from before:


04/28/2016 05:28 AM
That gif reminded me of somewhere I have to be. ASAP

Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
04/28/2016 08:35 AM
Grumble Bear is so cute. Love the character biography, Housekeeping! <3

04/28/2016 03:40 PM
@zDS: You better take care of that!

@Cash: Thanks!

You're magical to me.
04/28/2016 03:43 PM
I love these "Let's get to know you" sections. The obvious amount of care and work you're putting into this game with the transformations alone is inspiring! :DDD

04/28/2016 03:52 PM
A big ol' burr

04/28/2016 04:07 PM
I stopped by the say that I really love these blogs, by the way. I like the whole "in character" writing approach. Looking forward to checking out this game!

04/28/2016 04:12 PM
Wait... So what happened to the toilet? Is it broken?

04/28/2016 04:36 PM
@Unity and Gredge: Thanks! I've got a few more of these to do (and one more Information Guy post I've been meaning to write up). After that, I want to do some blogs from Jimmy's family's perspective, but I'd like to start doing those after the demo's out so that they'll already be introduced.

@Malandy: I'm afraid Grumble Bear broke the passability on the toilet, so you can no longer walk on it.

I made the toilet passable so I could get this shot, teeheehee. If I leave it on, it looks weird when you walk over it.
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