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Grey Skies is a traditional adventure game featuring a silly protagonist trying to avert a catastrophic incident: Our beloved RTP color palette has been hijacked and grey-ified by some evil, mysterious forces, and suddenly there's little to no colors in the world any more!

The task is set clear upon her... time to leave her cozy little home and find some answers! All that stands in her way now is the blazing heat of the desert sun... and all these puzzles to be solved!


Controls: Arrows to move and "Z" to interact. "A" to combine and use items.


Note: Current release is for Release Something XIII, work in progress. There's a handful of bugs/annoyances to be sorted out, but the game should be completeable up near the end of the first town. You'll get a text prompt if you made it there so you know when you can't progress any further.

Known issue: When you've combined any two items together, the interaction should end there but continues with a redundant "cannot use this item here" text box.

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  • 03/13/2015 02:04 PM
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i love those cute avatars.
im on the fence of wishing i aw them a bit more often but not enough to get tired of them :3
outside of that im not sure what to think. fb after playing

well im suck cant figure out what to do guess that's it for me :D

Edit 2

Dont touch anything! but im just...XD this was hilarious!

anyone else notice that the inside of houses still have colour?

this girl is "wanted" in several states!

Overall look
ok this is one of the very few games i wont finish. it reminds me of yummi nikki just wandering around without purpose. trial and error advancing for everything you do.
you have food and someones hungry? well guess what it doesn't work
someones thirty and you have something to drink? yeah it doesn't work!
logic isn't present here
so the "puzzle" aspect of this is more or less trying to combine everything and use every item you have on everything and hope something works

i don't like trial and error i like logic.story and characters.
the character you play as is likeable but...the gameplay in my case is just tedious and not fun at all

really i cant bring my self to recommend this to anyone.
well if you like pointless games this is for you?

p.s if someone pms me a full lp of this ill still watch it assuming its not blind
Hey thanks for trying it out!

I haven't figured out a good intuitive way to introduce the player to combining items and the UI needs some work too. Pressing "X" only opens your inventory, you can't actually use your items there just view them (I'll be changing this as it's not very useful).

This game is a little different from most adventure games done in RPG Maker where items are automatically used as long as you have them in your inventory. Here you often have to press "A" to use any item you have on the object in front of you. If there's nothing to use the item at, you'll be asked if you want to combine any two items together.

Some items don't have any use yet and are there just to annoy you! But hopefully this will help you -- this demo isn't very long but I agree some item interactions are somewhat out of place and pretty difficult (but not outside bounds of logic, I was trying not to make it like those obtuse Discworld adventure games).
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Some feedback for your demo...

Right off the bat, I enjoyed the shopkeeper...he's quite a character. I especially liked the ogre's head line =). The songs for the title screen and in the town were both pleasant. I'm intrigued by the idea of your curse. It's unique. I appreciated the arrows telling me the zone points, but I wish there were a popup message or show text command telling me the name of the item I get right after I get it. It wouldn't be totally necessary, as you do a good job of having the main character describe the item before taking it, but you might consider it. I found a few grammatical errors, and if you like I can point them out. Just let me know.

It's getting late. I'll play more when I have a chance. It gives a great first impression.
I appreciate the feedback! Right now I'm working on some improvements here and there. I'm figuring out how to make certain objects like zone transition arrows and speech bubbles stand out better, by having them in-color while the rest of the scenery being grey as it is. Added way more clarity to some item interactions and hopefully made the puzzles a bit more sensible. An uphill battle at this point.

Dialogue has been worked on heavily, I noticed there were a lot of inconsistent formatting and obsolete message box variants I had overlooked and forgotten to rewrite. I think I've fixed the grammar for the most part now, allowing of course for the main character still a chance to express herself with her strange (and not grammatically flawless) way of speech whenever it seemed appropriately exotic, funny or weird enough.

I've replayed Canvas too and making some progress, probably half way through. That's also something that gives off great impressions so far!
Nice Idea, changing from black/white to coloured!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
How is progress on this going?
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