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April Showers Bring Dev Updates?

  • meaka
  • 04/16/2016 06:31 AM

I figure now is a good time as any for a progress report...!

  • I continue to be thrilled with each and every track my composer delivers. So much so that I've been fighting my maps to make them look just as wonderful as the music makes them sound like they should...
  • Of all of the game, a single tileset hasn't been started. Right now I'm mapping it out with RTP and will switch over to my own once I get to that one. Though I may be intentionally procrastinating because I'm a baby.
  • Small segments are playable in succession! In fact, except for some areas I need to fix up, the entire beginning section is pretty much done. Which is exciting. I'm considering releasing the first section as the new "demo" once I complete things since the one I currently have up for download is less of a demo and more of "look what I learned RMXP can do!!!"
  • At the moment, I've hit 164 maps. Some of which aren't maps so much as helpful dividers for my own sake, but still. For a good comparison, my first game had 80 maps.
  • Either way, though progress is a little on the slow side, things are happening and that's exciting!

I hope by next month I'll have much more exciting updates to bring. Thanks again for all your patience and kind support!