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In a futuristic world where the mysterious angel-like beings called "Zephyrim" live like the Gods of mythology, they dominate the skies, dwelling in their utopian floating cities and ruling their civilization with a vast network of computers. A man with a fondness for inventing machines stumbles upon a strange young woman who has been exiled from the skies. This woman wakes up in the infirmary of a place called Skycity to find herself completely without memories. She's been convicted of murder. Her people -- the Zephyrim, have a procedure for dealing with murder -- they wipe out all trace of the crime, including the perpetrator's memories, and they exile the murderer to a remote area from where he or she will never be able to return. Now she must discover her past, fight to survive, and discover that she alone will hold the key to bringing peace to the world.

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Full release -- 2.0.0 coming to Steam

Hey fans and friends -- the full version of machine made: rebirth is currently in development and will be available on steam! check back for updates and more information regarding the project! it's been an amazing process working on it!
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  • Allsvin
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  • Action Adventure RPG
  • 04/22/2015 10:20 AM
  • 02/05/2017 09:41 PM
  • 06/01/2015
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You're magical to me.
You may want to resize your header image there. It's really huge! (it looks cool, tho ^_^)
Thanks Unity! If you've had a look at our demo, check out the updated version and leave a comment here!
i am having trouble downloading the new demo Everytime I click it nothing happens
I will try to upload some extra links soon, we're updating the demo! Check GDU site for always the latest downloads, as well.
Is anyone else having a problem downloading the demo for this game? We have hosting at several places on the interwebs! Make sure that you get the latest version, so you might want to get in contact with me or one of our team members.

Thanks again,
Hey guys, please email me at allsvin@gmail.com to receive the latest version of MM:R... testing and bug fixing is ongoing!
You may want to resize your header image there. It's really huge! (it looks cool, tho ^_^)

Finally resized this beast...
May I suggest shrinking the face graphics. They're in the middle above the messages. To be honest that looks a little weird, you may want them to show on the left, or right of the message box after shrinking them down. Other than that everything else looks nice.
Thanks for your suggestion... we're still working on the face graphics, I don't know if we'll resize them, but we have included some other transitions, transparency and a message system that includes the character's name, which I think will make them look a little less weird!
Let me know if anyone is having trouble with the download link, still trying to get an up to date demo available, sorry if anyone has had a glitchy or pre-alpha version downloaded recently, there are a lot of them on the web at the moment and we're trying to keep the up to date stuff available.
I started playing, and I ran into a problem, I don't know what to do after defeating all the droids in the room, and activating the matter drive thing.
Hey, thanks for your interest -- sorry for the late response, if you try talking to all the characters with notifications above their head, you will probably find a way to continue!

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