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Bug Fixing Ahoy!

  • Liberty
  • 08/05/2019 09:43 AM
So, I had some issues to iron out, apparently.

For one, some of the endings weren't being shown in the menu. It would count that you'd found that ending but it wasn't turning the switch for it on, thus not giving the visual addition to the menu. This was caused by putting the switch change after the save instead of before, and is now fixed.

Another issue I had overlooked was that I'd used the Confirm key as the button needed to get out of the Achievements menu. This was dumb. It has now been changed to cancel as that makes a billion times more sense.

The biggest issue, though, was that I had somehow forgotten to include the item eventing. Yup. Just straight up forgot to add that in. It has now been rectified and when you collect certain items they will show up in the menu as collected. Woo?

The menu is still a bit janky. I'm not sure why - it should work just fine but there's some strange lag when you go to save and sometimes when you try to exit. I've fiddled with the event a bit more and hopefully it's running a bit better but it may just be a problem with the engine processes when it comes to evented systems. That, or I did a dumb somewhere that I missed.

Hey, at least it works though! Mostly. Woo?

Lastly, I added a file that was found to be missing, so one of the endings won't keep demanding said file.

Anyway, barring any other unfortunate bugs, this is it for Splork's game. The updated game version will be up a little later (bigger file means bigger upload time).
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