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Cry RPG is a fan made game made using rpg maker 2003. The setting is inspired by the rpg Cry made using rpg maker xp. Cry is a knight from Orlyn Castle. He crosses paths with Bleep, Bloop, Blip, and Blup in Balkan Forest when they are attacked by the infamous wolf. Cry decides he has been in Balkan Forest long enough and has to travel through the forest and the mountains to return to Orlyn Castle. Upon returning to Orlyn Castle, Cry finds out that the princess was kidnapped by the Lich of Silver Hollow and goes on a quest to rescue her.

The game's website: http://jschuetze6.wix.com/cry-rpg

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  • jordan787
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  • 05/16/2015 07:15 PM
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  • 04/15/2015
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Well, I recorded a Let's Play for this game.
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