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Sky Warriors v1.63

  • Illy
  • 06/15/2023 02:05 AM

Today I'm announcing the release of Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors version 1.63, with several updates gleaned from Hali's wonderful playthrough of the title. We have FINALLY submitted to RM2k3's ROW command. Below are the bugfixes and changes!

- Added a command to change rows to the main menu, and expanded the battle backdrop graphic to compensate for the back row. An NPC in Lufein now explains the usefulness of rows. (And no longer talks about a fictional town of Gaia)
- Updated Gouge to indicate that it now inflicts Darkness as opposed to Blind.
- Cleaned the mossy corners out of underground locations with rivers.
- Increased the accuracy of the Bane spell.
- Onrac no longer has a mysterious grassland beyond the castle to the east.
- Gave Alexanders STASIS ability the nerf bat.
- Fixed several sprite errors.
- Fixed several grammatical and spelling errors.
- Buffed the damage and accuracy of all of Bikke's abilities.
- (Hopefully) Fixed an error involving riding the airship out of Lufein for the first time.

Have fun powering those crystal ORBS!