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Once, there was a great battle of evil and justice which is called the Holy War.
The force of evil was led by the evil god, Eonyth, and force of justice by the holy seraph Helluva. Justice prevailed and the vile god was sealed deep inside the Underworld.
Now, hundred years has passed. This war left many treasures untouched and those who seek them are called Gold-Digger.
Arol, a newbie Gold-Digger, starts his journey to search for gold...
...but he doesn't know what awaits him...

-Embark into two different story lines! (non-linear and linear)
-more than 4 original characters with their unique personalities!
Non-linear (1st choice):
-6 hours gameplay.
-More than 5 different endings! Make your choice wisely!
-Find hidden spot to have a nice chat with your party!
-Characters introduction and their relationship story.
Linear (2nd choice):
-More than 15 hours of gameplay!
-unfold the truth behind the Holy War!
-The true story of Helleon game.
-Pay attention to almost everything! It will help you unfold the the hidden truth of this story!
-Save the world from fallen Angel who wanted to replace it with her selfish utopia!

Developer's rambling:
-hiya, all! this is my first game i made using rmvxace. the story in this game itself was popped out of nowhere when i was in senior high school. i hope you'd like it!
-reviews are greatly appreciated!
-and sorry for the bad drawing!

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i think i need some time to edit this game
i found many inconsistencies (and grammar errors, too) when I recheck it
sorry about it :(
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 05/28/2015 01:34 AM
  • 06/20/2015 07:59 AM
  • 06/11/2015
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Pages: 1
why r people here using v4 share for thei programs 3 times already i tried using vthem^ got tons of malwzare
Can you upload the game somewhere else?
How long is it?Short,medium ,long.
why r people here using v4 share for thei programs 3 times already i tried using vthem^ got tons of malwzare

really? oh, well. i'll try to post somewhere else
Can you upload the game somewhere else?
How long is it?Short,medium ,long.

well, it depends on what story line are you playing. the non-linear only 5-6 hours and linear story line can be more than 7 hours
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Not to be confused with Hellion...
Not to be confused with Hellion...

wha? is there a game similiar to mine? i didn't realize that. i've been thinking about this game since i was in senior high
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts

game has saves already

cant rest in my own bed!?

sucks you cant grind before making a important choice :(

i don't like Arol...he is really stupid...his conversation with trinity was painful to read

enemies are too repetitive. a few areas in its the same stuff
and the battles aren't fun just pointless

...Why does the "Guardian" which is a enemy in the cave south of the starting town and north of the 2nd town. have so much freaking life!? its a random encounter early game this is ridiculous!
^Admant cave b3 (if you see this stone golem run...)
Note-has 100k+ life never killed became bored

the skill "zero storm" says it attacks 3 random enemies but it does 5 attacks

i never understood rpgs having pubs or any establishment based round sex. if your battling monsters and saving the world putting your life on the line its ridiculous that your not coonsidered a adult! even most adults would not do that!

bullshit laws/rules and side quests drag games out...screw the rules let me slaughter all those guards >.>

Arol is a piece of shit...fucking hypocrite saying all devils are evil when humans are = or worse...
also this scene auto playing text is annoying!

the grammar...is...painful!

...Arol...racist scum...

really makes you wonder why Adol has the highest attack power when he isnt a fighter by class...you'd figure the other members would be stronger...

the gear in the ??? dungeon is weaker then what you can buy in the store!? pay to freaking win!

guh! should be able to save before the dragon boss,we did just go thru a entire maze floor!

this is terrible the mithril axe you can buy in the previous town has more power then the Bardiche axe which is the final prize for a considerably big dungeon that you even had to do a side quest to enter!

really not cool making the devil a stereo type >.> it does not make me hate Arol any less but still...
this is screwed up

the store in Wasserstraum sells weaker gear then the capital

You can free save in the dungeon Gatrua cave 1B (was this intentional?usually you can only save at statues in dungeons)
can save at 1C as well

hmm...im done this games tedious

i did not finish this game,the awkward open world without a map,poor grammar,racist/retarded mc
and boring,tedious,repetitive battles made this a depressing experience.
i mean you fight the same enemies in quite few different locations.
the main plot keeps getting put on hold by various things.
and theres not much that stands out here.

don't recommend this
my thoughts about this game (btw I got this game from my bro, Himwn)
hmm... i've downloaded this game several weeks ago and I honestly say that this game is average. I'm confused when I played the first story line because the objective isn't clear and the battle is boring. I agree with Shayoko. Arol is too racist I think and you barely explained it in a few sentence. I think Arol's background needs to be exploited more.
About grammar, well I don't really care about it as long as it's understandable, but some of them need improvement seeing that you've started the game in your senior high. I, myself, was pretty dumb with grammar at that time jajaja!

when I tried to play the second story line, I was like... oh, god!

this game IMHO starts out really crappy, but develops well (I'm playing the second, past Difterion palace) and the problems arise in the middle of the game (I think it tooks too long). I hate Evelyn for sure. She is kind of bitch, ordering around, spewing nonsense and the like. I pity her sister.

this game reminds me of Blood+ and it made me question what purpose do devils exist in the first place and the short description fits the game itself "the gods aren't as holy/righteous as you'd think"
you've made me questioned myself what is the relationship between Evelyn and Mattheus, and who is wrong? Angel or devil?

if I can label this game, it'd be dark fantasy.

oh, well, I'm not going to spoil anymore till I finish this game.

in short:
-please add battle script (side view or something) to make this game bearable
-you should make the objective clear
-please add map
-I like the problem in Difterion castle
-the plot in second storyline is awesome
-if you decided to remake this game, I'll download it (it's like giving you a second chance to prove yourself)
-I've gone through difficulties just to give you this review, so make this game better. You hear me?
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