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Game Design

Movie cameo?

A little bit of spoiler here:
Later in the game, you will go to a cinema and find a movie cameo there. You will
be surprised! BTW, I created the movies in the cinema scene in the game, but one of them is copyrighted. Credit goes to the owner.

Progress Report

First week of school, Chapter 2 sneak peek

In 2 weeks, I'll be going back to school, which means development will slow down, and I will only do it of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For the game, here's a little sneak peek of Chapter 2:

-More puzzles and even scarier jumpscares.
-You will not only play Katie in this chapter: You will play as other characters!
-More suspense.
-Explore darker maps in the Chapter.
-More dramatic.

As of this game, here's the number of Chapters:

Chapter 1: Blinded Memories
Chapter 2: The Lying Rose
Chapter 3: Fatal Fate

That's all for now :)!


Beta version 001 released!

Yes! It's finally here! Be sure to play it! Enjoy! And I hope no one said I copied
a game :)

Also, you can post a playthrough on Youtube :)
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