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"It's a sobering thought, isn't it? To be able to look out your window and see the end of the world."

The world is on the verge of being consumed by the Fog, an ever-growing mist that corrupts and destroys all life within it. Unable to reach the source, humanity has no way to stop the Fog's growth. The destruction of the world is inevitable; humanity is at the end of its time.

In Asala, one of the few remaining settlements outside the Fog, two friends are on the verge of completing their training to become knights sworn to help weather the coming disaster: the cynical Aeyr Wilder and the kindhearted Mia Alacruz. However, catastrophic events soon destroy the very foundations of their lives, and they are forced to make the choice between their precious friendship and following the path they each believe is right. Their faith in their beliefs, and in each other, will be pushed to the limit as they decide what to save and what to sacrifice as the world collapses around them.

"There is no stopping the coming apocalypse. The only question remaining is: can humanity endure it?"

Prayer of the Faithless integrates elements of classic survival-horror games into its turn-based battle system. There are no readily accessible healing abilities, so your survival depends on managing a limited supply of restorative items you find or purchase. In addition, your equipped weapons and armor will drastically affect your performance by raising some stats, penalizing others, and changing your available abilities.

To reward a playstyle of controlled aggression rather than raw power and high levels, the battle system in Prayer of the Faithless turns a number of RPG conventions on their heads: You have three actions per turn, and you can spend them however you wish during battle. Plus, allies and enemies cannot guard, but must maintain their Stamina pools to block incoming damage. You must damage the enemy's Stamina to be able to hurt them, but be careful: overusing powerful abilities will leave allies wide open to attack!

Each ally's personality traits affect their combat prowess and abilities. As the story goes on and the stakes are raised, these traits will develop (and degrade!) along with the character's mental state. You will get to truly understand how each character thinks and feels through conversations and battle performance, and see how the state of the world affects their morale and beliefs.

Latest Blog

Anxiety and Burnout

This blog took me three hours to write, for reasons that will become very clear soon. Strap in, folks. This isn't gonna be a fun one.

All day today, I was racking my brain over what I wanted to talk about for this month's blog. So far, it was looking like this was gonna be yet another "I'm still at it, y'all, I swear!" blog where I'd throw out the same lines about making slow progress but can't go into detail because it's the very end of the game and it's chock full of spoilers. I wanted to draw up a progress diagram to show off what was left to do before release, but one look at the list of tasks that I had tried (and failed) to complete last month made my stomach churn. I thought I'd show off some new areas or pixel art I had made, but I then realized I actually had nothing to show off for reasons of either spoilers or my inner critic drowning out any confidence I had in what I DID make.

This is normally where I'd shrug it off, remember that I'm not in the most exciting phase of development right now, and simply apologize for not having anything substantial to talk about. Today, however, something felt different. I just couldn't bring myself to do that. The pressure to keep working felt far heavier, my mood was at a near record low (which, considering the tone of the game I'm working on, is saying something), and the anxiety over the constant delays was so overbearing I could almost feel it in my gut. My brain has been refusing to cooperate with me today, instead forcing me to relive every single failure I've ever had over the course of this game's development, each one piling on top of the previous ones to become a mountain of crushing guilt and shame that I couldn't shake off no matter how hard I tried. And the more I tried to divert attention from it all, the more sharper the pain became.

"Okay, fine," I thought. "So I'm a little burned out. Seems fair enough. I have been at this game for over four years now almost nonstop. I'll just sprint to the finish line with the last tester's build for round 1, and then I'll take a break while they go through the end game."

And that was going to be the plan. At least, until the moment I stared brainstorming the topic of this blog, recounting exactly what was going on earlier today, when I realized the truth about what happened to me: I had an anxiety attack.

Looking back now, it's so obvious it's almost pathetic. This is not the first time I've had one, especially recently. I've never felt the need to bring them up in the past because, well, who ENJOYS writing or reading about something like this? In fact, the only reason why I'm bringing this up now is because the causes of this particular attack are clear as day: Prayer of the Faithless, and the weight of my own expectations.

Once I realized what was happening, I knew I couldn't wait until I was done with this last chapter before taking a break. I needed time away from this game, and I needed it now. I'm going to eject myself from PotF, the sheer soul-crushing negativity of where I'm at in the story, and just get away from RPG Maker for a while. A week, at the bare minimum. After seven days have gone by, I'll check in with myself, see how I feel, and decide where to go from there. I always tell people that they need to put themselves first and foremost, and I think it's time to finally take my own advice.

I'll still be around. In fact, I plan on making more of an effort to interact with RMN during my time off. I've been a lurker these past, uh *checks post history* few months, but with all that's been going on, actually taking the time to post just... fell by the wayside.

Just to be clear, PotF isn't cancelled. I wouldn't even put it on hiatus. This is just a short, one week break that will probably pass in the blink of an eye for most of you. But it's a blink I really need right now. I hope you understand.


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Wait. The wiki page says the game has three endings. Does that....refer to the prologue, or the actual game proper? And if the former....how does one get different ones?
The all around prick
The main game has three endings. There are no alternate endings in the prologue.
Ah. I was worried there was some sort of secret or something i should worry about haha.
Eh, i guess it would have been handy when I had Mai, but i just didn't think of it. Action economy is key; if you can kill 1 enemy with 1 action rather than redirect 2 enemy's aggression with that action, i consider it better spent.

I haven't played the last version yet, but in all other versions I've played, Provoke was handy for almost every battle Amalie was in. It may be less useful to you though since you use completely different tactics than I do. Still, try using it and then have Amalie focus so she has her highest defense.

Anyway, a question to Red_Nova. The description for Aeyr on the characters page states "Aside from that, his natural aggression enables him to manipulate the emotions of both enemies and allies to turn the tide of battle." However, I've noticed you've now given Amalie three emotion manipulating skills while Aeyr has none. Have you changed your mind regarding who gets what?
I think Aeyr's ability comes later.

Also, Amalie and Aeyr have about even defense base. I simply don't think it's worth 2 actions to deal with Amalie provoking. *shrug*

Though, I don't know if she attains ALL aggression or just some. All might be useful IF abilities weren't practically 100% percent based and thus you can't just use her to let Aeyr unleash Sonic Fist/Pommel Strike and just never bother Focusing.

I think it might be better to make skills differ based on equipment you wear, with, for instance higher level gauntlets that improve the damage% of sonic fist but also cost more, improving the level scaling and giving you the choice of preserving SP or dealing heavier damage(along with the normal tradeoff of heavier gear costing more max sp)
The all around prick
Anyway, a question to Red_Nova. The description for Aeyr on the characters page states "Aside from that, his natural aggression enables him to manipulate the emotions of both enemies and allies to turn the tide of battle." However, I've noticed you've now given Amalie three emotion manipulating skills while Aeyr has none. Have you changed your mind regarding who gets what?

That was in the original plan, yeah, but that's certainly not the case anymore. I've removed the statement, so now it won't confuse anyone. Thanks for pointing it out.
Third part's out! When I figure out how to edit a media submission, I'll put 2/3 on mine.

And the last bit's up! And, shortly, will be under the Grub's Playthrough media tab. In the meantime:

Hmmmm, I have a question, Red! Is this the literal meaning of Apocalypse?

'An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".'

.....And this game is called prayer of the faithless...


I think I'm on to something.... Maybe there's a revelation about monsters and what they really are coming up?
The all around prick
I'm not entirely sure what your question is. Yes, you have the literal definition of the word apocalypse right, but I used it primarily to refer to the catastrophic-level destruction of the world.

As for the title, well, there are a few reasons why it was chosen. What each player believes when they read the word faith and how it relates to them praying will be different, but not necessarily wrong. Note the word faith used in the description. That's just one meaning. It could be religious faith, faith in humanity, a brighter future, or even in one's self. Maybe it's all of these, maybe none.

Whatever definition you believe, though, this is a story about people who do not have that faith but want to find it.

Apologies for the evasive response, but I'd rather let the game show you than lay it out myself.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I managed to get my stream up! Anyone who wants to join me mashing buttons is welcome!
Of course, I'll be streaming PotF! Details are there! (also excuse that annoying 15 seconds delay)


Have fun! (please tell me if the video buffers or if there is something wrong with audio)
Question: Why are Kiyoma called Kiyoma?

IRL I mean. Like, "What does Kiyoma mean in Japanese".
The all around prick
"Kiyoma" is derived from "kiyomemasu" which is Japanese for "purify"
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