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Avelions - The Ancestors Extened v5.32

*First of all, please read this important notes*

If you have finished the game with these characters -> Crad and Lyne,
there will be a lot of plot holes, you'll find the story becomes a little bit
confusing on the second half of the game. But that was intended.

So, if you want to know the whole story and uncover all mysteries,
you'll need to play the game as Sido. You can obtain his HUNTER CODE in Sector 6,
and enter the code in the beginning of the game.

Avelions - The Ancestors Extened v5.32

+ Grammar fixes!^^ (Also, add some dialogues)
+ Arrange some enemies position
(so that they won't block a narrow path)
+ Decreased Gold Garon's power. (He's too way OP, Ouch)
+ add more hints when play the game as Sido
+ Fix some maps
+ and more


Avelions - The Ancestors Extended v5.20

v5.2.0 What's New?!

+ Sido Helvar is fully playable!
(You can find his "Hunter's Code", at Control Point, sector 6)
+ Archangel Hiver (Lyne's Hiver) fix
+ 3 Selectable Difficulties
+ Damage Formula fix
+ Catalyst Arts fix
+ New hints to access secret areas
+ New Boss battles
+ New scenes
+ New maps
+ New weapon & armorgear set



Avelions - The Ancestors Extended v4.00

Extended version released~
Check it out. :D

4.0 Changelogs

+ New Map - Shelter 392
+ Dialogue updates & grammar fixes >_<
+ New Tutorials
+ Companion fixes
+ Boss updates
+ Enemy updates
+ New Waeapon & Armorgear
+ Pathing & Bugs fixes

and mores.

Enjoy. :)


Avelions - The Ancestors Full v3.00

Full version released~
Check it out. :D

3.0 Changelogs

+ Character "Sprite Switch" while attacking bug fix
+ Dialogue updates & grammar fixes >_<
+ Lyne - Hiver Mode added
+ Companion fixes
+ Regen fixes
+ Boss updates
+ Enemy updates
+ Catalyst Art fixes
+ Last Boss Battle fixes
+ New Ending scenes
+ New Boss scenes
+ Pathing & Bugs fixes

and mores.

Enjoy. :)


Avelions - The Ancestors Full v2.00

Full version released~
Check it out. :D

2.0 Changelogs

+ Full Maps ( 6 Sectors )
+ Hiver Mode
+ New Armorgears, Weapons and Boosters
+ Companion System fixes ( Add Commands & Abilities )
+ Companion Gears
+ New Enemies
+ New Secrets
+ Hunter Ranks
+ Bugs fixes

and mores.

Enjoy. :)


Avelions - The Ancestors Demo v1.40

Demo v1.4 Released~ :)


+ Added 4 New Enemies
+ Grimoire data fixes
+ Added more Computers for save point
+ Added more Database/Lore
+ Levels -> Sectors
+ Added Sector 3 : Amusement Park
+ Added 16 New Daggers
+ Added 4 New Armor Sets
+ Weapon & Armor Crafting fixes
+ Added 3 New Catalyst Arts for Crad
+ Faster Catalyst Arts
+ Lower items prices
+ Virtual Trainer fixes
+ Minor bugs fixes
+ Dialogues fixes

Enjoy :)


Avelions - The Ancestors Lore


Elmsh Dimens = All existing matter and space considered as a whole. It is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies. In every galaxy lies the Great Ship called Cosmos, divided into twelve Districts, governed by the most supreme race in the universe, the First Human

Grimoire = Unique species who could control the Life Force and Death Force. They are immortal being by its nature of having an infinite Shadow Clone system as long as their shadows is remained.The Class System for the Grimoire is fairly straightforward, where each class clearly delineated. Higher classes are expected to be on call to lead the lower classes into a war. But despite this, Guildmaster Sido stated that every creature must have a weakness and that nature would never allow a truly immortal being to exist.

Fairy = A noble-mysterious race who's living with the First Human in Jenesio.
They have unlimited Life Force which make them possess an accelerated healing process and a long lifespan, 200 years or more. Despite of being like a human in their appearance, these fairies have a pair of small wings growing on their back.

Forces = Attribute of power that tends to change the motion and shape of things.
There are Five Forces are known in this universe, Fha, Neir, Shei, Life and Death.
Fha Force will penetrate/slice the Shei Force, Neir Force will bend the effect of Fha Force by its wave, and Shei Force will nullify the Neir Force.

Guilds = 42 powerful Guilds were formed and allied themselves with the District Military to fight Grimoire. All but one guild are lost as a result of the war of Jenesio, As for the only surviving guild, Grimoire Hunter, it still embraces volunteers to continue the fight to find Grimoire's weakness and save mankind from absolute extinction.
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