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Demo 2.0 Uploaded

  • Blind
  • 03/06/2023 09:14 PM
Hi all!

Since launching the demo in October 2022, we've received a tremendous amount of support and critiques from all across the spectrum.

I wanted to personally thank everyone who's played the game thus far - it truly means the world to us!

Over the past months, Giznads and I dug into all the feedback, and rebalanced many aspects of the gameplay experience itself. In some cases, we added entirely new systems (such as swimming / fishing).

The demo will still contain the game's first chapter, but with some significant overhaul & refinement. I believe this version represents a more accurate picture of what the final game might feel like!

A list of changes

  • Added GUIDE Menu: A large menu subsection that allows the player to check the map, view quests, enemy details, game mechanics, and more!
  • Swimming: Certain bodies of water are now traversable! The player can also dive to reach hidden gold, chests, or underwater switches!
  • Active vs Wait Modes: The player can now CHOOSE if they want battles to run on ACTIVE mode (a FF7 style ATB), vs WAIT (enemies won't attack continuously until the player chooses). This can be changed at any time in the menu.
  • Maiden Statues Rebalanced: Statues will now only give a GODDESS TEAR item if the game is running on Story Mode. Otherwise, they only offer single-use healing.
  • Fishing: Use your fishing rod + lure at certain locations throughout the game! Over 15 unique fish to catch!
  • Item Messages: The "Item Found" message boxes now will show a small visual icon of each item once it's been obtained!
  • Golden Chests: New varieties of treasure. Chests will look visually distinct if they contain Gear/Equipment.
  • Stats Rebalanced: Some enemies were adjusted according to player feedback.
  • New locations: Chapter 1 has been greatly expanded with over 4 new optional areas & hidden treasures.
  • Graphical Bugs: Minor visual bugs fixed.

    If you haven't played, download it here!