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We're up and running!

So I was playing the game and lamenting over how simple it was, when I realized, "Hey, this isn't as simple as I think. People are going to have a lot of trouble figuring some spots out." I wrote a walkthrough and included it with the download. If you get stuck, it should handily get you unstuck. With a few more tweaks to make sure there were no ugly spots or aesthetic glitches, I finally uploaded the game about half an hour ago and I have completed my submission for IGMC 2015. I can only hope my humble offering is worthy of notice.


Poor little kitty

So, I get this all finished up early this morning before I go to bed, thinking I'm going to spend my last day before the deadline, leisurely adding a little bit of polish. Well, at least I have a finished product to give the IGMC. Making sure my very sick cat is okay takes priority. Hopefully, my humble offering is good enough, though there are other developers in this whose skills are leaps and bounds ahead of mine. Still, every game I make helps me get a little better.

I'll never know what could happen if I don't put my game out there, will I?
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