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Epic high-fantasy role playing game – A personal conflict has aggravated a young boy, Evan Issac, since his childhood and has led him to lose touch with himself and the world around him. Frozen when asked to make even mundane choices, he has been haunted by indecisiveness for his entire life.

Suddenly, he is forced to make a decision, sacrificing personal safety for the power to protect others. As he learns more about himself, he learns that he holds a great power: the ability to take a stand, and make decisions with consequences that affect others and the entire world around him.

A catastrophic event of cosmic proportions is soon to occur unless somebody is able to stop it. Events that tie into the very fabric of the world itself send Evan on a quest across the country, continents, planet, space, and time itself, on a journey of exploration and understanding into himself and the very fabric of our world.

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