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The Defenders, Part 1 is a puzzle game starring three characters,

Terra Skye, AKA: the paradox.
Terra is, technically, kind hearted in nature. However, this is often shadowed by her cocky sarcastic side. She is supposedly the leader of the group, though she often requires the help of the other two to make the best decision.

Zphen Aldien (Pronounced All-Dine)
The brains of the group, most would say. He's quite the gentleman, and calls nearly everyone sir, or milady. It's also notable that he's a priest.

Katrine Rink
The youngest of the bunch, Katrine's the least likely person to be trying something risky. She also becomes emotionally troubled the more she stays away from her teammates.

The game is puzzle based, and has the dynamic of being able to switch characters at any time to achieve goals. Being still in a beta stage, not much can be said about how the game will work other than the previous statement, but other features, such as personal inventories, will hopefully be added.
The premise of the story as of current is that our band of heroes gets lost is a forest whilst traveling to a nearby town and finds a hole, which Terra opts for them to go in. The team then finds a crystal, which sends each hero to a different area, and must work together to solve puzzles, which proves difficult seeing as none of them see or find out what the others do.
The anticipated play time will be an hour or so, and the game itself should prove interesting for both new players and old. Features will include an animated title, semi-custome graphics, non RTP music courtesy of Kevin McLeod at Incompetech (Royalty free music, yay!), and multiple outcomes.
The game is currently on Hiatus due to me having 8000 other projects to do. These 'other projects' are mostly other games that spark my interest more than this at the moment, but there are things like school and work.

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