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Cute girls... blood... bloody cute girls...

NOTE: There might be spoilers, but I'll try to avoid them.
NOTE2: English is not my first (nor my second) language, so sorry for any mistakes I've probably made.

Chivi-chivik played: Drim

Holy sh*t it's been a long time since I've played a RPG Maker game! (I blame classes and my lingering depression) Anyway, here I am again, and I'm going to review this game!

So... Drim is a game about a girl named Scoria. And probably about her past. Or something.

I'll be honest here: I was about to pull my extremely short hair because of Scoria's walking speed. It's toooooo slow. Thankfully, maps aren't extremely big, but it's still annoying.
More stuff! The first battle isn't really hard, but the next ones are truly a challenge, and not in a good sense. Healing items heal a poor amount of HP, and they don't come in great amounts. Also, the time you take to attack a second time is too long, and enemies attack pretty fast. No doubt I died often (I was even about to ragequit, uncommon in me!).

OMG not EarthBound again!!

Have to note that, as the game page says, this game's heavy on exploration. However, the walking speed makes me want to go fast and leave stuff unexplored.

Graphics are okay. There are cute girls indeed, even if they're shown in not-so-pleasant ways. Blood, blood everywhere. Poor girls.
Maps are also okay, not amazing but not too bad either.
I found rather cute that you can change Scoria's outfit at one point in the game. I obviously changed it, just for fun.

There's no music at all (or I can't remember it), but just noise and/or sound effects. I gotta say they work at creating a slightly dreadful atmosphere, since I trusted no place.

Technical stuff and the like
Aside from a glitch I found and already notified*, the rest is pretty fine. The game doesn't make use of anything outside your typical RM2k3 game, but the touch of making colorful descriptions and functions for objects adds to the atmosphere and game world. Reminds me of games like Ghost Suburb.

*From version 1.0.0: The glitch is fatal if you don't know what to do next, so I'll tell you to NOT go to the farthest door to the backyard before you've registered all the house, or you'll be stuck.

There's seems to be some deep hard stuff here, but it's hard to figure out. By Scoria's name and another character's name, by references to stuff that happens to girls and by unsettling stuff... I don't know if I understood what's happening there. It's very likely this was intended by the developer so the game makes us think... and they're making me think more than I expected. Still trying to figure out what happened...

This game is the kind of game you should play slowly, paying attention to every detail. Unless you hate to go slow...
I think this game could've been made a bit more entertaining while keeping its atmosphere, but whatevs. At least it delivers what it promises.


Chivi's out, and gives this game a rating of...