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Version 2 is out!

  • Zero3D
  • 10/25/2015 10:30 PM
An RPG Story Version 2 is out! You can download it now from the download page. This version fixes some bugs from the first version, and adds some new stuff or edits stuff in like edits on some maps, edits on some classes, enemies, scripts, text, and more minor things. RTP is still needed to make it work, so please keep that in mind.
Some Notable Changes/Edits/Fixes:
  • Added new Antidote, Power Potion, and Difficulty Stew items

  • Can leave Crystal Town and back to the world map.

  • Some enemies are made slightly easier when playing as the Sword Class.

  • Edited some maps to make them look or be walked on better.

  • Fixed some typos bugs and added some new text.

  • Staff Class can now equip weapons and armor.

  • Some parts of the world map are now restricted for lower levels.

  • Added a new little quest starring Venus and Mars from Crystal Town.

  • Added some new scripts, like on that adds an Auto Attack command. Now you can attack faster and with ease!

And more...