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Sacred Shadows: Beta Demo

The war was over, peace had come at last...

After 10 years the people had forgotten...

and for a time... all was well...

In a land untouched by the harsh reality's of war you play as Raine Farlight who with his close friend Tanton are in search of Kuta. In this Emotional/Action RPG, you must discover the secrets of the past in order to fight for the future.

Game Details

Play as four unique charaters
Original Sprites
Customised Tilesets
Voice Actors (not in demo)

Release Dates:
Beta: Out Now
Final Demo: December
Full Game: TBC

Project Development Team
and I

Warning: Must have!
RTP installed (for SFX)
Fonts (provided)

Thanks for playing!
please leave a COMMENT if you liked/hated this. check the topic for more info..

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