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The Shards of Pluto

A game created for RMN's Non-RPG Maker Event 2015. You play as a tiny space person trying to survive on the ever shifting shards of Pluto. You must survive until your transport arrives, luckily Pluto's gravity is much less then Earth's own; allowing you to leap much further distances then you could on Earth. You're also wearing a prototype Q73 space suite equipped with a redundant plasma generator. Providing next to unlimited plasma lasers, plasma shields and plasma boost. Just don't let the plasma run out or the suits atmospheric filters will fail.

Will you be able to survive the flying shards of Pluto?

Planned 2 Player Mode - You don't have to die in space alone...bring a friend! *Complete
Planned Achievements - So you have infinite continues...do you really need them?
Planned More Menu Options, including a guide to the controls.

Current Controls are rough:

Player 1

Movement........w, a, s, d
Plasma Boost....Q
Plasma Shield...Z
Plasma Lazer....Shift

Player 2
Movement........Arrow Keys
Jump............Numpad 0
Plasma Boost....Numpad 2
Plasma Shield...Numpad Enter
Plasma Lazer....Numpad 3

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