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Hello, hello! Just from reading the title of the topic I can tell that some of you who have been here for a while already know what this is. And knowing such, you may have already decided to hit "Back," or some related button. But that's all I can do, isn't it? Ha ha.

Anyway, this is the third installment in the "Boss Project" series of games that I've come to work on every once in a while. They sort of pop up randomly, and are made whenever I have an urge to just go and do some mild RPG Making without all the fuss.

What is "Boss Project"?:

Nothing much, really. It's not a fully game, nor is it anything that shall attract those who want a fleshed out, rich story filled with lively characters. If that's it, I'd advise you turn back now! Boss Project holds NONE of that, and is made specifically for fighting. The game runs using the basic RP Maker 2003 engine, including the DBS and DMS, and has some RTP. Basically, it is a game for those who may just want to have a bit of fun fighting a few monsters. I try my best to make the best, most balanced bosses that I can possibly come up with. I may fail at a few, but there are others within the game that balance out those flat ones.

How many bosses are there?:
In this installment, there are five regular bosses and two final bosses. Thus seven bosses in total.

Some warnings about downloading the game:
Now, I know that most people advertising their game would want to make their work sound all great in a "Very fun! Download now!" kind of way. However, this does not apply for me and this project. I'm not going to lie to you all, or make anything sound better than it is. No hype or anything.

1) Do not download this game if you can not afford to download a 60~ MB game that lasts roughly 20 minutes-to-half an hour. It has multiple MP3's which boost it's size. No I will not be changing this.

2)Do not download this game if you are looking for a great story, or even a story of any kind.

3) Do not download this game if you are looking for a CMS and CBS. There are no such things in here. I've put a few extra things in the battle events to make it a bit more fun, but that is about it.

4)Do not download this game if you are put off by the DBS of RPG Maker 2003.

Warning! Not my stuff in use:
As I've done before, I've HEAVILY borrowed from Kentona's "Heros Realm". Alot of, if not all of the resources are from there. In fact, I even used the base of the game for the base of mine. Why am I saying this? Why shouldn't I? I didn't make it, or rip any of the stuff. Kentona has been nice enough in the past to let me use a few of his things from his various other games, so I thought the leat I could do was say this (as well as give credit with my others games, too). And if he wants me to take the game down because of this...then I'll do it! I mean, what could I say? Nothing. It may sound bad, but nothing major has been used. None of his scripts, class changing, etc. has been used at all, and I just did a few basic things for this.

Some things to look for in Boss Project III:

1) Alot of boss fights. Seven, actually!

2) A small bit of thought. I made the bosses so that you could not go in there and start spamming the same spell over-and-over, or go and hit "Spacebar" untill the battle has ended. Alot of the fights require thought (though nothing too great).

3)Fun! If you like fighting bosses, or just enemies in general in an RPG...maybe it'll be good for you! That is, considering if you can afford the great MB cost.

4) Some of the other members here have played by "Boss Project" games in the past, and I've got raily good reviews of them. And if those members are looking for the same, or a similar experience...then this is it! This version of "Boss Project" is definitly on-par with the NES version of it. Well, that is my opinion, of course.

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You should submit the file itself to RMN so I can download it! (Filefront is blocked where I am)
Don't worry, nobody can download it! The link's dead
Huh? Really? Ha ha. I'll have to go and fix that later on tonight.

It's from lack of use!!! Ha ha!
It's...alive! I can't believe it, the game actually lives! Hya ha ha. That's odd. I'm goin' to go and give it a download. =P
YES! I made it through the Corbinek battle without an area change! :D

Oh, and the first time I played through the Heptopus battle, I thought it was overkill. Then I realised if I bashed the living **** out of the orbs one at a time, the battle was a lot less... evil.

StopSpell is a friend in this game. :)
*click to edit*
BOSS PROJECT 3 Boss guide

For easy reference I'll give each character a nickname.
Valcon: Knight
Renton: Mage
Alicia: Cleric
Kira: Ninja

One more thing: if I tell you to slow a boss down, then do it ASAP! It fades away after a few turns, so once you notice there's no message when targetting the boss recast Slow immediately. Slow spells: Darkness Wave (all enemies), Slow Down, Smoke Bomb.

Unlike in Boss Project 1, you have plenty of items. Still, it may be wise to absorb MP from the enemy if your mage has nothing better to do.


Start by slowing him down when he turns into his Demon form. Knight can do it with one of his skills; later on he can attack physically (don't waste MP). Cleric does nothing except healing, Mage casts any offensive spell, and Ninja throws Ninja Stars or Toxic Shurikens and throws a Smoke Bomb when Slow ends. Jo is very easy.

SHADOW MASTER and his legion of pet shadows

Ignore any monsters he summons. It seems he is resistant to all status ailments except Weak, so just attack him with all you've got; he is equally vulnerable to all elements. You can try to Weaken him, but I'm not sure if it has any effect on the power of his attacks (God bless DBS!). He is pretty straigthforward, and if he Bikills and/or Rages Knight, he is practically dead. Another easy boss.


Riffelator has Magic of Invincible Body (tm) - ignore him and focus on Riffles. Slow them both, and you can even try casting Sleep on Riffles as he is not immune to it. Attack with any magic with Mage, throw Ninja Stars with Ninja, heal status effects with items. That's it.


Here's the deal: C Physical (the red one) is immune to and attacks with physical attacks. C Magical (the blue one) is exactly the same, only substitute "physical" with "magical". They're both vulnerable to Slow, so slow them down with Knight. Just as what scan suggests, kill C Magical first. Simply attack him with Knight (normal attack) and Ninja (Stars), and let your mages heal. Once he's down, switch to magical attacks and get rid of C Physical. Strangely enough Shurikens do work against him.
Note: C Magical can alter the field, resulting in anti-magic barrier (among others effects, I think), but every time I fought him he didn't get the chance to cast that spell.

HEPTOPUS and his children

Slowdown time! Slow them all with Darkness Wave. You're going to have to kill 3 of the little buggers, leave one alive, and pummel Heptopus. Start with the green one, but remember he absorbs all magic, so use physical attacks instead. Next kill the yellow one, and finally the blue one (lower-right). Those two are not impervious to magic. Neither is Heptopus, and he should go down with no problem. Just don't touch the last helper! Once he bites the dust, remove the helper with magic.


KEFKA! we meet again...

He's immune to all status ailments, so don't bother. The battle's pretty straightforward - attack with all you've got, remove ailments and revive with items, heal with Heal V for Regen, or Cure VI for single party member healing. There's no real strategy to this fight. He's got 99999 HP, so it may take a while.



BP 3 was A LOT easier than the first game, and I question the choice of changing the DBS pattern, but all in all it was pretty fun. Onto Boss Project 4: The Destruction of Jared-Syn!
I agree, BP3 was not one of the better ones. Sure, it was enjoyable to make, but even the first (true second) BP was much better.

However, if you go all the way through IV and are prompted to skip a scene near the end, DO NOT DO IT. It is a bad thing. Select "No." as otherwise it glitches up (due to me and my eventing at the time =p) and you'll have twice the trouble (two battles).
BP3 used the old demo of Hero's Realm as the base - the one that stopped after Chapter 4.
Trying to beat this at level 1 right now~

Kira is godly.

EDIT: Um, yeah, it's impossible. V_V'
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